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EU Parliamentary Member Christine Anderson urges the Free World to respond to Australia's SOS

Video Link: Christine Anderson (Member of the European Parliament) urges the rest of the free world to respond to Australia's SOS and to recognize the attack on Western Democracy by Global Totalitarians

December 8, 2021: Member of European Parliament, Christine Anderson (Germany), has been vocal in her response to the tyranny ravaging democracy in the free world. In this short video address, Anderson announces her commitment to fully support Australians in their time of need and to raise active awareness of Australia's SOS signal to the world.

Every political leader in the Free World should denounce and work in concert to eradicate the globally tyranny sweeping the planet. This commitment should start with immediate actions taken against the globalist actors and Australian political traitors responsible for the scourge of totalitarianism in Australia.

Citizens in all free nations must understand that the tyranny happening in Australia is planned for all other nations, respectively. Now is the time to reject those behind this rabid form of global despotism.

#DefeatTyranny #RejectDAVOS #AustraliaSOS

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

Website Link: Christine Andrews (Germany) - Member of EU Parliament

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