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Extremely American Rally Call - Let's beat Facebook together

September 19, 2021: This is a note out to the Extremely American community of patriot freedom fighters.

The Extremely American Facebook Subgroup was just censored for no reason other than sharing primary source content that opposes the mainstream narrative/propaganda. Consequently, Extremely American will be in "Facebook Jail" until September 21 (3 days).

In an effort to beat Facebook and its censoring thugs, this is a time-sensitive request that all members of the Extremely American community help our cause by copying and sharing as much Extremely American content as possible between September 19 (today) to September 21. Specifically, for any recent Extremely American content that you agree with, please ensure that you "cut, paste & send" this content throughout Facebook (from the Facebook "what's on your mind" panel to your favorite FB subgroups).

Let's beat Facebook censorship by teaming up against it as a patriotic and freedom fighting community. Thank you for helping us in our fight to slay the Facebook "dragon".

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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