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Extremely American: Update on EA site & FrankSpeech

April 22, 2021: Michael Lindell has been working on a platform called FrankSpeech and many of our readers have inquired as to the status and viability of the platform. In its first 2 days following its launch, FrankSpeech surpassed 200 million streams. Unfortunately, the site has been under cyber attack since its launch and continues to work diligently on perfecting full-spectrum cyber-security and platform redundancy. EA has confidence in Lindell’s ability to be successful in navigating its early ‘growth pains’ and ultimately delivering an essential social networking platform, however, Extremely American remains focused on providing a reliable and primary source of news and ‘community’ to our loyal base of EA readers.

EA has grown a significant American and international base of readers and subscribers that are interested in finding in-depth analysis and factual commentary on all complex issues of the day. We also encourage our EA community to use the tools that complement the EA site and readily available – especially noteworthy are secure and private solutions such as Signal, Telegram, Rumble, and ProtonMail. As we migrate to the new generation of ethical and secure social platforms/tools, our EA community can continue to exploit mainstream (dishonest) social networks (including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram) to advance our patriotic agenda and drive our key messages. By doing so, all will be empowered and their freedom to speak and think will be recovered – please spread the word.

We encourage all our EA site visitors to subscribe to Extremely American and become an official member of the EA community. Subscription to our EA site will allow you to communicate with our team directly and allows EA to push important updates and announcements to our loyal members. We encourage all our members to provide feedback, comments, and ideas regarding our content and we are always open to your suggestions. Extremely American also welcomes guest contributors – if you are interested in expressing your written views on our site, please reach out to us for more information (we can be contacted directly at

We appreciate your support in building our patriotic EA community and helping us spread our important updates and messages. Thanks from the Extremely American Team!


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