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Extremely UN-AMERICAN - the 'woke' left is rotten to the core by any measure

June 8, 2021: This picture is taken in Kansas City and shows people carrying a casket with a pig in it dressed as a cop. The sign at the front of the casket says Abolish The Police. The so-called "woke left" continues to obsess and attack our men and women in blue while inner city violence and murder is ignored by these same ignorant "woke" hypocrites.

Meanwhile in Chicago the last 365 days have produced the following murders:

585 blacks

104 race unknown

62 hispanic

40 white non-hispanic

2 asian

1 black-hispanic

(Source: Chicago Tribune Website - data as of June 3, 2021) reports that over the last 5 years 70 people were shot and killed by Chicago Police Officers. Thus, an average of 14 were killed annually (over a 5-year period) at the hands of the police. also reported the following:

Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) has investigated nearly 400 police shootings (fatal and non-fatal) since 2007 and found only one to be unjustified.

Mayor of Chicago, Lori E. Lightfoot has been busy planning frivolous summer events in Chicago (including the Taste of Chicago) but has not taken a single meaningful step to address the gang related murder crisis (and, specifically, the rampant black-on-black violence) in Chicago.

By: Extremely American Kevin Wright

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Jun 09, 2021

That woman is evil, plain and simple. I bet she has her own protection though.

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