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Facebook to launch Vaccine-Verified Facebook Profile – Zuckerberg’s own ‘Covid Scarlet Letter’

April 10, 2021: In a manner of diabolical precision, a cabal consisting of the world’s wealthiest families, political leaders, multinational corporations, public health authorities/agencies, and mainstream media continue to ‘choreograph’ their ‘delivery’ a universal vaccine to the planet. Ordinarily, one might see this effort as altruistic and for the well-being of humanity. Unfortunately, the Covid vaccine message and forceful mandate (which includes excessive lockdowns, threats of Covid-passports, and compliance-tagging) is being delivered by a collection of the world’s most untrustworthy sociopaths and power brokers in society. Furthermore, by peddling fear and panic using hyperbolic pseudo-science, all matters of personal choice and civil rights have been aborted by the gang of so-called ‘trustworthy’ and ‘selfless’ politicians, multinationals, and media hacks who are running around waving their 'Covid Bibles'.

Mark Zuckerberg, not to be outdone by fellow tech magnate and weasel Bill Gates, has announced another re-entry into the arena of medicine and public health in his effort to deepen his role in the ‘ecosystem’ of the ‘transhuman new world order’. In a bold move, Zuckerberg has hatched a new Facebook scheme that will artificially boost their platform algorithms to influence and persuade more people to get the experimental vaccine. The Covid vaccine promotional program will be powered by Vaccine-Verified Facebook Profiles. This is clearly abuse of a massive platform to exploit fascist techniques of moral suasion and shaming to single out and alienate anyone stained with the Facebook 'scarlet letter'.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba expressed his outrage this week, sternly questioning the motivation for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to partner with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) – a partnership intended to introduce and launch a Covid vaccine profile photo frame application that will alter the Facebook newsfeed algorithm. Given the dubious track record of Facebook and its narcissistic Founder/CEO, one can only pause and wonder if Zuckerberg can be trusted in a key role within the health and medicine sphere of influence. It is clear that Zuckerberg and his company have lost the trust of their users for their abuse of ethics on many occasions. The Facebook history of data privacy and security abuse is one thing, the risk of abuse relating to public health from a corporate rogue is something entirely different.

Zuckerberg’s described his decision to interfere and involve himself more prominently in global public health as follows, “If we are going to stop Covid, we need everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated. People are more likely to get vaccinated if they see friends, family, and people they trust doing it too. So, we are launching a new Covid vaccine profile frame that will be added to your profile pic, partnering with the CDC and US Department of Health and Human Services to launch new Covid vaccine profile frames.” (National File - Gabriel Keane; April 2, 2021)

Zuckerberg boasted about the new joint FB-CDC-HHS tracking system in the most glowing terms stating that, “It lets you easily show your support and [prove to] people that you’ve been vaccinated. And we will show you in the Facebook News Feed to your friends who have the same profile frame. I’ll update mine after I get vaccinated, which I plan to do as soon as I’m eligible.” (National File - Gabriel Keane; April 2, 2021) Everything about the Zuckerberg announcement is troubling, awkward, and unconvincing.

Zuckerberg’s announcement immediately drew widespread criticism cross all sectors, something that should be expected given the unethical nature of Zuckerberg and Facebook’s sketchy business practices. Gab’s CEO Andrew Torba did not pull any punches calling Zuckerberg’s latest power play “totally insane”. Torba’s comments were made following a rash of recent displays by Facebook that underscore the company’s pathological unethical nature. Over the past few weeks Facebook has been aggressively purging any posts bearing videos of President Trump, images of President Trump and his family, and the voice of President Trump. Not the sort of behavior one would expect from a so-called philanthropic multinational giant angling to assume a role as central purveyor to global public health policy and messaging. With glib arrogance Zuckerberg declared, “that any video or audio file in the voice of President Trump is not allowed on our platforms (including new posts with President Trump speaking) and any such videos will be removed if posted, resulting in additional limitations on any accounts that posted it.” (National File - Gabriel Keane; April 2, 2021) Does this sound like an altruistic humanist or trusted custodian of public health policy? No, it does not at all.

Zuckerberg’s Vaccine-Verified Facebook Profile is a slippery slope exploiting a systemic method to identify, target, and eliminate any Facebook user who would dare to exercise their right to manage their own health decisions independently and based on their own research efforts. The Vaccine-Verified Facebook Profile is no different from the idea of the Covid Passport which is another egregious blatant contradiction of the Fourth Amendment and HIPAA Privacy Rule. Our advice to Zuckerberg is for him to mind his own business (and health) and ‘stay in his lane’. Fortunately, EA patriots likely have nothing to do with Facebook and will be immune from (pun intended) the unethical tactics employed by Zuckerberg and his 'thought bullies' at Facebook. By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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