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February 21, 2021 - Headlines

Breitbart Reports - - That the new Biden migrant release policy may bring some relief to local shelters in South Texas border communities located in the Rio Grande Valley depending on where ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations officials choose to release the migrants. The change in procedure is likely driven by increased media attention to the issue. It will likely result in migrants being released away from border communities in the Rio Grande Valley. According to sources familiar with the new policy, ICE will transport many of the released migrants away from the immediate border region to family residential detention centers to await release. If this occurs, it will require significant funding for transportation costs associated with the movement of migrants to other cities.

Breitbart reports - - Tuberville said Democrats do so by calling for a so-called 9/11 commission to investigate the incident. “First of all, I don’t like 9/11 being used on anything,” he said. “On 9/11, we lost 3,000 people. Three-thousand is horrific. Now, this is a tragedy in itself. But it wasn’t even close to what happened on that day. I think you’re seeing the Democrats just kind of throwing that back and say, ‘Listen, this was a 9/11 comparison.’ This wasn’t even close. I was there. This was my first day on the Senate floor. I had been sitting in my seat for an hour when this happened. We never saw anybody. We heard a little bit of noise. We were evacuated, gone. I think most of it happened on the other end. It should have never happened, and whoever came in there, broke windows, was destructive, got involved with the Capitol Hill police — that’s against the law. They should go to jail. This is not even a comparison to 9/11.”

Breitbart reports - - In a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the Chamber of Commerce and other business groups — who admittedly rely on cheaper foreign workers to boost their profit margins — lobby Biden administration officials to end the order so they can import workers more easily. “We urge you to work with President [Joe] Biden to ensure that [the executive order] is rescinded as soon as possible,” the letter states.

As Breitbart News reported, White House press secretary Jen Psaki previously referred to the order as “immoral,” suggesting foreign workers have a right to take jobs in the U.S. labor market.

The Gateway Pundit - - Ignored by Media: Dirtbag Joe Biden Says US Veterans and Former Police Officers Are Fueling White Supremacism in America - - The Police Tribune reported - - President Biden took aim at the very same Americans who dedicated their lives to keeping the country safe. “And you see what’s happening — and the studies that are beginning to be done, maybe at your university as well — about the impact of former military, former police officers, on the growth of white supremacy in some of these groups,” the President said. “You may remember in one of my debates with the former president, I asked him to condemn the Proud Boys. He wouldn’t do it. He said, ‘Stand by. Stand ready.’ Or whatever the phrasing exactly was,” he recalled. “It is a bane on our existence. It has always been. As Lincoln said, ‘We have to appeal to our better angels,’” President Biden said.


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