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February 24, 2021 - Headlines

In a statement to The Epoch Times, the board confirmed that “a user statement has been received in the case before the Oversight Board concerning President Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.” The statement continues, “We will have no further comment concerning that statement until the Board has issued its decision,” they added. The board has up to 90 days to make their decision — and will be allowing public comment on the situation. They have already received “thousands,” according to the Epoch Times report. Trump has said that he will not be rejoining Twitter, referring to the heavily censored platform as “boring.”

Back in July 2020 Scott McKay at American Spectator wrote an amazing piece on the Four Stages of Marxist Takeover. The first stage of revolutionary propaganda, particularly the Marxist variety, is to demoralize. It’s to depress you and make you believe your civilization is lost. The second stage is destabilization. Bezmenov describes that as a rapid decline in the structure of a society — its economy, its military, its international relations. The third stage is crisis, the catalyzing event that builds on the first two stages to bring on the change the revolutionaries are looking for. Looking for a crisis? Take your pick. Normalization is the fourth stage. As in, a “new normal.” The statues and monuments are gone, the ball games are out, or at least you aren’t allowed in the stadium to watch them (and you’ve got to watch them on TV interspersed with commercial spots and in-game messaging pushing whatever memes and narratives the ESPNs and NBCs of the world and their Madison Avenue partners wish to implant in your mind), the schools have purged American history and culture, the Universal Basic Income checks have replaced your job, which you can’t do because the small business where you used to work has gone under thanks to the virus. Excerpts taken from the Gateway Pundit as posted February 24, 2021.

The increasing number of migrant children taken into custody along the southern border in recent days has severely strained the U.S. government’s ability to house them, according to data obtained by CBS News. Last week, U.S. border agents apprehended more than 1,500 migrant children, according to government statistics reviewed by CBS News.

Breitbart reports NY Governor and accused killer Andrew Cuomo's approval rating has dipped six points since it was revealed that the administration covered up the number of coronavirus-related deaths in nursing homes out of fears of a federal investigation, a Morning Consult survey released Monday found. The survey, taken February 12-21 among 3,203 registered New York voters, showed Cuomo with 57 percent approval. While it seems positive on the surface, that reflects a six-point drop from the 63 percent approval he saw in the last survey taken prior to the New York Post bombshell, which featured the stunning admission from Melissa DeRosa, New York’s secretary to the governor.

The Epoch Times reported that failed and unpopular former Republican Presidential candidate Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) on Tuesday said he believes former President Donald Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee for the third time if he runs for president in 2024. “I think he’d win the nomination, if he runs. I mean, a lot can happen between now and 2024, and I’m not great at predicting,” Romney said in an online discussion. “I don’t really know what will happen there. But I look at the polls, and the polls show that among the names being floated as potential contenders in 2024, if you put President Trump in there among Republicans, he wins in a landslide.”

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