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Flashback: Canada's 'watchdog' Poilievre grills & exposes Trudeau during WE Charity hearing

May 14, 2021: Canada's only legitimate political watchdog, PC MP Pierre Poilievre, grilled Trudeau during the WE Charity hearings from August 2020. This flashback video should not be forgotten as the scandalous character of the Canadian Prime Minister was filmed for all to see. In the process of brilliantly exposing the criminal conduct of Trudeau, Poilievre elevated the value of his stock and has become a ray of hope for many Canadians seeking a truthful and powerful political leader. Since these hearings, Poilievre continues to impress with his strength and his ethics and is emerging as a top candidate to become the leader of Canada - hopefully sooner than later.

Trudeau is not only a flaming communist, he is also a flaming political criminal who needs to be removed from office as soon as possible.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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