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Fox Chair & Former House Speaker Paul Ryan covered up DOJ Spying Activities on Nunes & Patel (video)

Paul Ryan Was in on it! Speaker Ryan Knew DOJ was Spying on Rep. Nunes and His Staff – Allowed It to Happen – Never Notified White House!

December 20, 2022: This was possibly the most important segment on The War Room this year.

Kash Patel joined Steve Bannon this morning to discuss the explosive revelations released yesterday on the Deep State DOJ’s spying on Rep. Devin Nunes’s top attorneys during their investigation of the origins of Trump-Russia hoax.

It was Kash Patel and Devin Nunes who eventually discovered that the intelligence community was in on the Russia collusion hoax and attempted coup of President Donald Trump. Trump was eventually exonerated from the multiyear investigation when Bill Barr was sworn in as Attorney General.

On Tuesday morning Kash Patel joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss the latest revelations on the intelligence community spying on him while he was investigating the Trump-Russia hoax.

And they broke the news that PAUL RYAN was in on it!

Speaker Ryan knew the DOJ was spying on Deven Nunes’s staff and kept it hidden from his fellow Republican lawmaker. It really puts into perspective who Paul Ryan really is, a dishonest anti-Trump Republican and untrustworthy colleague.

Kash Patel: What did we just learn, five years later? That Google subpoenaed me, Devin Nunes’s chief legal investigator for my personal phone records, my personal emails, and my personal credit card and financial information when I was exposing Rod Rosenstein and Chris Wray for performing the Russiagate hoax. Not just me but another senior staffer as well. Devin Nunes’s two top lawyers amongst other people were subpoenaed by the Justice Department in 2017 because as Devin put it last night, they wanted to go after him and us because we were exposing their corruption. Steve Bannon: Hold on, let me get this right… The Justice Department went and got, basically a warrant to get your emails, your banking records, all your financial records, your telephone records. We don’t know if there’s a wiretap or not. But all that to track you and another staffer. Here’s what I don’t understand. A guy named Donald Trump was president. That was his Attorney General. They have a regulation. The Speaker of the House was Paul Ryan… Here’s what happened. Did Paul Ryan notify the President of the United States or someone at the White House that they, the Justice Department had to notify Paul Ryan, correct? Kash Patel: Yeah, me as a former federal prosecutor, if you’re going to go and surveil a member of the Gang of Eight, and his staff, meaning the person who gets the most sensitive intelligence, the AG has to notify Congress’s leadership, that’s Paul Ryan AND somebody at the White House. Here’s the thing with Paul Ryan. Here’s the guy who didn’t want us to send out subpoenas for Russiagate… Paul Ryan never told us he had a copy of the Steele dossier.

This is very damning for Paul Ryan. How can this man ever be trusted again?

Ryan has since landed on the board at FOX News – which explains a lot on how their coverage has turned on Trump.

Source: The Gateway Pundit


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