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Frank Speech: Mike Lindell Launches exciting new social-media app called FRANK

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

April 14, 2021: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is set to launch his new full-spectrum social-media app this weekend. This exciting new social app will be a one-stop application offering privacy, security, and protection not found in the toxic and compromised mainstream alternative solutions like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Google. Early access to this app is being offered to those who pre-register and gain VIP application status. The global extended launch of the FRANK site will occur on Monday (April 19) and promises to be the first legitimate competitive alternative to the current mainstream applications.

Key highlights:

- The FRANK social-app is set to go live on Monday (April 19) - VIP’s can get early access on Thursday by simply registering their mobile number on the FRANK home page

- The FRANK home page is:

- Lindell invested millions of dollars on best-in-class site security, including massive independent server capacity (unlike Parler)

- The FRANK social-app is described as a vastly improved hybrid between Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter

- Unlike the existing mainstream social-apps, FRANK will enforce a strict ‘non-hate’ but also a fair ‘non-censoring’ charter in enforcing its site rules (unlike Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, hate speech, foul content, and fowl language will not be allowed nor tolerated on FRANK)

- FRANK will offer an exceptional Insider's business page

The FRANK social app differentiates itself from other social apps in fundamental ways. First, the site will not discriminate against anyone based on ideological, cultural, or political orientation as other mainstream social apps do. Secondly, Frank supports free speech but will not tolerate swear words, porn, hate speech, or death threats. As anyone who has experience with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube knows, these rogue mainstream platforms encourage hate speech, foul content, death threats, and censorship when it is aligned with their founder’s ideological obsessions and agendas. Thirdly, Frank will offer a safe, secure, and sustainable social app platform and community for anyone who has been bounced or ‘cancelled’ from the traditional tech-tyrant social app platforms simply for expressing their own ideological orientation and beliefs.

According to Mike Lindell, the FRANK platform has been developed over the past four years and promises to be a "platform like no other." (Bannon’s War Room Pandemic – Mike Lindell; April 13, 2021) FRANK, which uses the tagline "the voice of free speech" will also be used to allow critical thought leaders of our time to cover topics that have been banned by manipulated by all other mainstream social-app platforms. Everything from Excessive Health Policy Restrictions to US Election Theft and from Media Bias to Political Corruption, FRANK will create a venue for our greatest thought leaders to cover and express expert opinions without the blatant interference and bullying associated with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

An official mission statement and charter will be made available to the public upon the official launch of Lindell’s site. In a statement made during the Bannon’s War Room Pandemic, Lindell assured his audience that his massive investment into several layers of hardware and software-based security features will fully mitigate the efforts of cyber-attackers to take his site down: “We are going to be attacked, but I have my own servers. We do not have to worry about Amazon YouTube or Google or Apple taking down our site. Our site has been engineered to be 100% independent from those companies and protected by best-in-class security." (Bannon’s War Room Pandemic – Mike Lindell; April 13, 2021)

Mike Lindell claims that FRANK will take the best features from YouTube and Twitter calling it a "kind of YouTube-Twitter combination where you can have your own YouTube channel integrated with your Twitter handle". Lindell also claims that his site will allow its users to post videos, livestream television, distribute news and information, and find community and fellowship with likeminded Americans without the challenges of censorship and suppression that are characteristic of other mainstream social app platforms.

FRANK was reverse-engineered so that when ‘influencers’ join the platform, they don’t have to ‘re-earn’ their followers as their existing base of followers are able to follow them instantly on this platform. The FRANK home webpage currently includes a box where visitors can submit their mobile number to receive a text code for early VIP access to sign up (please note that, right now, only US mobile numbers are eligible – on April 14 and beyond, international mobile numbers will be accepted for FRANK registration). For those who register for VIP status now, they will be able to gain access to the site by midnight this Thursday. Full and unlimited access to the site for all other people around the world will be available by this Monday April 14. Mike Lindell will be hosting a two-day ‘Frankathon’ this weekend packed with information about his site as well as interviews with thought leaders from the US and around the world.

The official launch of FRANK promises to be an incredible moment for literally half the population who have been abandoned and insulted by the mainstream tech-tyrants. The era of the Facebook-Twitter- YouTube monopolistic cartel is finally about to face a formidable competitor. All patriots and lovers of free speech should throw their full support at FRANK and play a patriotic role in taking down the rogues of Silicon Valley once and for all. Please be sure to register at this site and share the link with all your family and friends:

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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