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George Soros & Open Society Foundations: the billionaire at the heart of a global conspiracy theory

June 10, 2022: This is an exceptional 15-minute BBC documentary outlining the unrelenting threat posed by one of the world's most sinister sociopaths and genocidal maniacs. In recent years, George Soros has his sights set on permanently destroying America and the rest of the free world.

The fingerprints (scheming, funding, sourcing, staffing, NGO deception, and political/judicial interference) of Soros can be found all over everything and anything that is "falling apart" in western society. His money and disgraceful apparatchiks (pawns) are directly tied into the trends of moral decay and social chaos that characterize western society today.

Every American should demand that Soros be investigated and charged for his open and vicious attack against American society. Similarly, anyone American complicit in the Soros "agenda" should be immediately charged with treason.

Call-to-Action: Contact your elected officials and demand that they initiate immediate and tangible action against this evil menace to humanity.


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