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Gold Star Dad justifiably unleashes on Joe Biden: ‘You are a disgrace to this nation’ (video)

Gold Star Dad UNLOADS On Biden in Fiery Remarks: ‘You are a Disgrace’

August 29, 2023: In an emotional speech, the father of fallen Marine Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz, a Gold Star dad, unleashed a torrent of criticism against President Joe Biden, accusing him of being a “disgrace to this nation” and questioning his role as Commander-in-Chief.

The Gold Star dad began his remarks by saying, “Our so-called leader can’t seem to even utter their names in public, not even once.” He went on to criticize Biden’s long-standing political persona as a family man, stating, “The curtain has been lifting, and that campaign slogan will never work again.”

The father’s remarks took a particularly emotional turn as he described his experience of receiving his son’s body stateside. “While I stood there on the tarmac, watching you check your watch over and over again, all I wanted to do was shout out, ‘It’s 2:30, asshole!'” he said. “You sure stole their lives, their futures, their dreams, and have ripped apart 13 families. You cannot even man up and admit that.”

The dad didn’t stop at personal criticisms; he also took aim at Biden’s policy decisions. “This is the purest definition of intentional negligence,” he said, referring to the withdrawal from Afghanistan. He also criticized the administration for leaving behind military hardware, stating that it has led to the biggest international free black market in history.”


The father concluded his remarks by making a grave accusation: “I would venture a guess that you have more American blood on your hands, Mr. Biden, than any president in U.S. history.” The term “Gold Star” refers to a family member who has lost a loved one in military service.


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