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Governor Ron DeSantis: "COVID was a pandemic of the indoctrinated" (Video)

DeSantis's comments show how COVID was a pandemic of the indoctrinated

March 16, 2023: During a recent interview with Glenn Beck, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) discussed the lockdowns of the COVID pandemic. He mentioned the criticism he received for not being as strict as the Democrats and authoritative health experts wanted. He specifically noted the Public Health Bureau and highlighted one of the biggest acts of hypocrisy during the pandemic — the support of the George Floyd protests amid a pandemic shutdown by the same people who condemned DeSantis for allowing people to leave their homes for other purposes.

"That was their position," he said. "'You are killing people if you leave your house.' So then all these thousands of people are protesting. Two thousand of these epidemiologists write a letter saying, 'We do not condemn these protests because of COVID. Indeed, we think they're vital for public health because they're fighting racism.'"

Many people caught COVID and some probably also died as a result of the George Floyd protesters spreading it. DeSantis was correct and should be commended for underlining this dangerous hypocrisy.

The left-wing sycophants who encouraged protesters but shamed others for going outside exemplified some of the country's most significant problems with radical leftist brainwashing. Theirs was an unethical double standard for which many were never held accountable. Their attitude facilitated distrust in the so-called experts and helped create much of the division during the pandemic. It was a sickness that DeSantis rightfully and courageously called out.

"And so that's when I knew this Public Health Bureau, this public health clan of people, they are sick," DeSantis said. "They're ideologically captured. And these are not people that should be anywhere near the levers of power."

DeSantis was a superb leader during the pandemic and effectively guided the people of his state during the most turbulent times. He rejected the virulent Left's asinine agenda. He had enough common sense to realize the dangers of contemporary left-wing politicians prioritizing ideology over everything else.

Who knows how many thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people died from COVID because the Left encouraged the George Floyd protests? At one point, COVID was called a pandemic of the unvaccinated. But it should have been called a pandemic of the indoctrinated.


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