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Greenwich Mom Jackie Homan: 1st Amendment Rights TRASHED by Greenwich School Board of Education

First, Greenwich, Connecticut Schools Superintendent Toni Jones, #ToniJones, orders the confiscation of and subsequent destruction Mrs. Homan's free speech signs. Next, Toni Jones refuses to reimburse Mrs. Homan's cost to print the signs that Jones herself ordered destroyed. If that's not enough, now there appears to be an organized effort to further silence #greenwichpatriots. Greenwich Patriots is an organization dedicated to the removal of racist, marxist, and radical propaganda that is being imposed on children within Connecticut Public Schools. Greenwich Patriots also promotes an individual's medical freedoms which have been under mounting attacks due to the #fauci-daszak-ccp virus, aka #ccp-nih-niaid virus, aka #corona virus.

On Saturday June 5 , #GreenwichPatriots printed 100 signs and lawfully had the signs erected on permitted public spaces as well as on the lawns of private homes with the permission of the home owners. According to Jackie Homan, almost all of the signs were missing by the next morning.

Call-to-Action: Anonymous School & Teacher Abuse Form


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