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High Crimes & Misdemeanors

August 26, 2021: Biden stumbled up to the podium 30 minutes late for his extremely important Afghanistan Exit press conference.

Biden referred to today as a "tough day" which is obviously irresponsibly understated. Nowhere in his address did the White House occupant take responsibility for the Afghanistan debacle that he manufactured. Biden did take time thank the Department of Defense for a job well done in Afghanistan which is a horrible joke. Biden also referenced a passage in the Bible which came off as feeble and patronizing attempt to bond with American Christians.

The press conference lasted about 25 minutes and according to Steve Cortes, a former Trump Advisor, the Biden address was "scary". Cortes also pointed out that the White House occupant owns America's failed exit from Afghanistan.

In the meantime, Kamala Harris was attending a LGTBQ meeting in the midst of this American tragedy. The priorities of Kamela Harris are clear and they are a disgrace to our nation and our armed forces.


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