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Hope for Long-Covid (PostVac) Patients: Use of Natural Supplement showing Significant Improvements

Hope for Long-Covid (PostVac) Patients: A new study shows significant improvements in symptoms with a natural supplement

The study aimed to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of the nutritional supplement VITAMIC BIOSEN®, on individuals with symptoms consistent with Long-COVID who have been fully vaccinated against SARS-CoV2.

October 12, 2022: It has helped to biologically phenotype patients with Long COVID-like symptoms after vaccine immunization, studying the encephalo-hepato-pulmonary axis. VITAMIC BIOSEN® had a significant effect on the clinical symptoms of patients with Long-COVID and changed the molecular pattern of immunoinflammatory biomarkers.

VITAMIC BIOSEN Final Study - Dr. Francisco Mera Cordero
Download PDF • 870KB

Main symptoms such as dyspnea, sleep disorders, headache, and depression were significantly improved. Other symptoms like pain, mobility, intestinal and concentration problems were slightly improved.

The treatment of patients suffering from Long-COVID has so far been rather disappointing. Fortunately, with the support of VITAMIC BIOSEN®, there is now a nutritional supplement that shows promise in improving the symptomatology of many of these patients as a supplement to the treatment prescribed by their physician.

A key breakthrough has been achieved by combining proven therapeutic compounds with state-of-the-art micellization technology. The active compounds in VITAMIC BIOSEN® are Curcuma longa, Boswellia serrata, and Vitamin C. While these original compounds have a very low bioavailability and therefore a very low efficacy, micellization is able to overcome these problems. It shows a reduced first-pass effect, over 95% bioavailability and, most importantly, a greatly improved ability to penetrate target cells.

By: Martin Edlinger (VITAMIC Europa)


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