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Israeli Data: Massive decline in the effectiveness of the Pfizer Biontech Vaccine over time

August 13, 2021: The failure of Pfizer's Biontech mRNA Vaccine continues to be exposed as official clinical data pours in from countries around the world. Israel has become a focal point due to the fact that a predominant portion of their population has been fully vaccinated - indeed, a nation vaccinated with Pfizer's Biontech experimental vaccine at the insistence of the Israeli government.

As data from Israel pours in, we are seeing (1) very poor Pfizer vaccine efficacy rates and (2) rapidly diminishing Pfizer vaccine effectiveness over time. The video provided, here, offers an excellent analysis of the official Israeli data available to date. The conclusion from this analysis? Pfizer is scrambling to the "vaccine drawing board"as the nation of Israel is left hanging (along with all other nations that have been pushing the Pfizer product).


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