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It's Time Conservative Warriors and People of Integrity Begin Indicting the REAL Criminals (Video)

It’s Time Conservative Warriors and People of Integrity Begin Indicting REAL Criminals Like the Bidens, Clintons, Obama, Pelosi, etc …

April 2, 2023: It’s time that Conservative leaders in red states across the country begin indicting real criminals who are destroying this country. Crimes by far-left criminals have been reported in the public arena and it’s now time to indict.

Obama went after citizen Trump in 2011 when he was at a White House dinner. Obama hated Trump for shining light on his birth certificate. He hated anyone who did. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was attacked by Obama-Biden’s DOJ later for doing the same. Why such a response?

Then citizen Trump decided to run for office. The Democrats and GOP elites treated candidate Trump with no respect. They laughed at him and berated him. They thought they were so funny. All the media joined in. The insane group of people who were destroying the country or who were staying silent while the leaders of the country did just that, joined together to destroy candidate Trump.

Video Below: Always remember the radical left's bitter words, blinding biases, and toxic lies

Then President Trump won and they set him up with false charges based on a Clinton lie that he was a Russian spy. It turns out President Trump was one of the only ones in Washington DC who wasn’t connected to Russia. Even the FBI investigator investigating President Trump in the Trump-Russia collusion was making money from Russia. This same guy investigated the Bidens for their relationship with China’s Patrick Ho who Hunter made a million for aligning with a special attorney who would get him off and back to China.

The Democrats and the GOP elites committed numerous crimes and continue to do so. Destroying emails, lying about everything under oath, taking bribes, extorting millions, attempting a coup d’état of the Trump Administration, and much, much more, but they keep getting away with it.

The DOJ won’t prosecute the real criminals because they have become them.

They created two bogus impeachments of President Trump and then certified the uncertifiable election for Joe Biden, stealing it in the process.

Then after all that wouldn’t work, they make up BS charges and indict him.


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