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Jim Jordan: The "Greatest Danger to Democracy" is Biden, the DNC Party, Big Media & Big Tech

April 9, 2022: Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan brilliantly summarized the greatest "Danger to our Democracy". In this brief address to Congress, Jordan highlighted the primary sources of pervasive lies and false information in society today (lies intended to cover-up a dense 2-year trail of DNC self-inflicted crises and abysmal policy failure).

The DNC, corporate media, and big tech are all playing for the same team. This is a corrupt team that shares a common objective to fully control common men and women using perpetual and choreographed misinformation in order to advance a clandestine and nefarious agenda. This is precisely what we have all been observing and living through over the past 2 years.

Conclusion: The "new normal" is abnormal and "build back better" is destroy and build back worse. All of this is being delivered by the DNC and their corrupt co-conspirators in mainstream media, big tech, big pharma, academia, and popular culture.


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