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Joe Biden claims "your children aren't your children while in the custody of their teachers"

April 28, 2022: The moron, creep, and fraud in the White House claims teachers have the right to supersede the interests and rights of parents while their children are at school.

This brief but important video offers a glimpse into Biden's twisted notion of the teacher-student relationship, one where Biden claims the teacher is "entitled" to indoctrinate children at their sole discretion.

Biden is sick; and teachers obsessed with indoctrinating young children with their toxic and repugnant personal ideological is nothing short of perverted "child sex grooming".

It is far past due to punish Biden, his illegitimate administration, and all "child sex groomers" from the left - we will throw this this process into high gear during November midterms. In the meantime, boycott any companies participating in child sex grooming and other toxic ideologies (ie. Disney, Coke, Nike, etc.)


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