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Joe Biden & Jimmy Carter are linked by Soaring Inflation & Economic Futility

April 12, 2022: It's amazing how the greatest records of futility follow Democrat leaders through time. Joe Biden, in 16 months, has managed to take a super-primed Trump economy and reduced it to the nightmare created by Jimmy Carter 50 years ago.

We can thank mainstream media, big tech, academia, public health agencies, the Deep State, the WEF, and a stolen 2020 election for being "dealt" Joe Biden and his subsequent delivery of abysmal failure and self-inflicted crises around every corner.

Inflation exposes the arrogance of the Biden Democrats

April 12, 2022: Of all the Democrats’ gestures of contemptuous indifference toward ordinary people, President Joe Biden’s 8.5% inflation rate is the most provocatively insouciant. Bidenflation, more than any of his many other culpable failures, will prompt voters to respond in November with a gut punch to the party’s solar plexus.

One should not minimize the impact of other blows to public morale from outrages such as the cultural revolution against every traditional norm, the disgrace of U.S. capitulation to a ragtag army of medieval Afghan farmers, Biden’s abandonment of national sovereignty at the Mexican border, or the performative diktats of his tinpot COVID bureaucrats. All these contribute to our sour national mood.

But although the federal government has flicked its middle finger repeatedly at Joe and Jane Sixpack since early 2021, it has not done so in any case where the causal link between its policy folly and calamity for everyone else is so clear as it is on prices. Biden’s decision to print money, enthusiastically backed by congressional Democrats, has produced the sharpest inflation spike in four decades. This was entirely predictable and frequently predicted. And it is being felt not just by the Sixpacks but also by Mr. and Mrs. Middlebrew, whose pain will surely swing Congress decisively to the Republicans.

As the Washington Examiner reported on April 11, the administration tried to preempt bad news on prices by saying it was “bracing” for “extraordinarily elevated inflation,” as though this was part of the strategic plan and no big deal. We did not have to brace for long, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported next morning that the dollar in our pockets is melting faster than at any time since 1981 — faster than one of Biden’s ice cream cones on a July afternoon, but not so cute.

Even while “bracing,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki did her boss’s bidding by furiously spinning a false narrative about what produced this monetary disaster. It was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that did it, don’t you know, even though prices were hurtling higher many months before the war began. Then, she continued, “We have, of course, legislation that could …cut the cost of childcare, of healthcare, of elder care.”

Psaki meant Biden’s monster spending plan, Build Back Better, with which the president proposes to splash trillions of gallons more fiscal gasoline onto the inflationary inferno. The Democrats and their leader proffer more massive spending as the cure for an illness that was caused by their previous massive spending. Everyone knows today’s pain is due to the Democrats’ decision to spend lavishly and pay for it by creating money out of thin air.

Build Back Better cannot get past Capitol Hill, even though both chambers of Congress are run by Democrats. The tiny sensible wing of the Democratic Party refuses to be dragged into compliance.

Subsidized childcare, healthcare, and elder care don’t magically vaporize the cost of those benefits — they merely make someone else pay for them. Who gets the bill? Today’s taxpayers, today’s borrowers, and tomorrow’s generation — your children. It’s the same hollow logic as the creeping policy of “forgiving” student loans. The debt won’t magically disappear. It will merely be paid for by those who didn’t get the benefit of higher education. What does taking money out of people’s pockets to pay for social programs sound like to you? It sounds like a tax to me. It puts the lie to Biden’s repeated pledge that no one earning less than $400,000 a year would pay a red cent more to the Treasury.

But it’s not the dishonesty that is most striking. There is precedent for that in politics, to put it no more strongly. No, what is so glaring is the ringing contempt for ordinary people. Creating structural inflation that hurts people on low or fixed incomes while insisting that it will be “transitory,” is an upper-class concern, is President Vladimir Putin’s fault, or is due to greedy corporations is the action of an administration that thinks you’re a fool and treats you like one.

Biden and the Democrats have their agenda, and they’re sticking to it, even though it doesn’t work and the public doesn’t want it. This refusal to adjust democratically to the fiscal agony of the people they were elected to serve is the arrogant folly of a political class whose deepest belief is that their members are better and cleverer than you.

Source: The Washington Examiner

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