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Joe Biden & Karine Jean-Pierre: A Montage of "Pure Incompetence, Shameful Deceit & Awkward Cringe"

White House blasted for ignoring Pressing Questions on Biden’s 'Chronic Confusion'

October 1, 2022: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has been blasted for “having no answers” on why Joe Biden has had a series of “confused” moments in public.

It comes after Joe Biden made an error at a conference where he asked whether Republican Congresswoman Jackie Walorski was in the room, despite the fact she died in a car accident in August.

Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to cover the blunder by telling reporters Ms Walorski was “top of mind” because Joe Biden is meeting with her family this week.

White House journalists then began to probe the press secretary on why the president is continually making these public blunders. Ms Jean-Pierre ignored all the questions to the sounds of reporters yelling “we need to have some answers”.

Source: Sky News Australia

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