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Joe Rogan sets the record straight on Covid Passports: "It's one step closer to dictatorship"

August 9, 2021: Joe Rogan is one of the most widely watched podcasters world-wide. In fact, The Joe Rogan Experience (a daily podcast concept) draws an average of over 140 million views per month. In addition to reaching tens of millions of people every week, Rogan's demographic reach is enhanced and extended by his additional interests in the comedy circuit and UFC color commentating. In sum, Joe Rogan's reach is massive, diverse, and resonates extremely well with our younger generations.

So, when Joe Rogan covers a topic, millions listen closely to his position and tend to respect his bold candor regardless of his position on contentious topics. He pulls no punches and tends to offer an informed and independent point of view. Suffice it to say, Rogan is not led blindly by "fashionable trends" and does not suffer fools well. He is a leader, not a follower.

In this 15 minute clip of a recent Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan rips into the feeble and pervasive capitulation of the masses to dubious politicians, media networks, and public health authorities. This portion of his podcast delves into the risks associated with Covid passports and what appears to be a willing forfeiture of God-given human rights. Rights given away today will be treated and administered as privileges by tomorrow's tyrants. This grave reality has today's society lurching perilously close to a form of dictatorial governance here and around the world.

We should all be reminded that a reversal out of tyranny and dictatorial governance is nearly impossible and always requires violence in the attempt to course correct. The best option available, right now, is to immediately reject all authoritarian concepts on the table (ie. Covid passports and mandatory vaccines) and demand an immediate return to free choice and liberty (ie. honoring unalienable rights and constitutional laws).

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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