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Jordan Peterson: Canada’s Biggest Problems discussed with Canadian PM Candidate Pierre Poilievre

Canadian Call-to-action

June 1, 2022: Make a difference and do your part to defend Canadian freedom and prosperity, support Pierre Poilievre. To vote for Pierre Poilievre as the conservative leader you must become a member:

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Interview notes:

This interview was recorded on May 9, 2022.

Pierre Poilievre, a life-long conservative, is the current front-runner in the Canadian federal Conservative Party's leadership race, and a contender for the next Prime Minister of Canada. Mr. Poilievre has served as a trusted senior cabinet minister in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government and as a Member of Parliament for seven terms. He grew up in Calgary and graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in International Relations.

We discussed his election efforts, Canada’s energy infrastructure and economic policy, as well as Poilievre’s mission to tackle the housing crisis, lower the cost of living, defund Canadian media, and develop Canadian natural resources.

To vote for Pierre Poilievre as the conservative leader you must become a member:

Interview Segments

0:00 — Intro 5:21

— Conservative Philosophy & Free Market System 8:32

— Left-Wing Ideas & Socialism 12:32

— Government in Scandanavian Countries 15:15

— University & Political Ambitions 18:47

— Political Rallies 22:51

— Housing Crisis, Loss of Personal Freedom & Delivering Hope 27:04

— Poilievre’s Mission 29:34

— Problems in Canada & Proposals 34:55

— Economic Policy 40:31

— Climate Change, Energy Infrastructure & Canadian Resources 46:07

— Canadian Press Subsidies & Defunding CBC 55:56

— Justin Trudeau 1:03:55

— Jagmeet Singh 1:09:13

— Sacrificing the Economic Interests of the Working-Class & Trucker’s Protest 1:17:54

— Emergencies Act 1:22:18

— Freedom as a Unifying Principle 1:25:45


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