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Justice Department and Liberal Media are AWOL on Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal

Justice Department and liberal media are AWOL on Hunter Biden’s laptop

By: Washington Examiner July 20, 2022: With new revelations regularly emerging about illegal activity by presidential son Hunter Biden, the failure of the Justice Department to file an indictment is beginning to look scandalous.

And with so much information from Biden’s laptop now showing that he and President Joe Biden were financially entangled despite the president’s denials, the continuing lack of coverage from establishment Big Media outlets also looks scandalous.

The Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy reported on Monday that Chinese records filed just last month still list a company founded by the younger Biden, called Skaneateles, as holding a 10% interest in the Chinese investment firm BHR Partners. In turn, that firm “has invested in multiple controversial Chinese companies, including facial recognition company Megvii, which was slapped with U.S. sanctions for its alleged participation in China's repression of Uyghur Muslims.”

Public records still list Hunter Biden as the sole owner of Skaneateles. Representatives for the president's son have not answered questions about whether and how “Hunter had divested from BHR or Skaneateles, if he had sold his stake, and whether he had made money from the Chinese business effort.”

This is just the latest in a series of revelations about multimillion-dollar business dealings Hunter Biden had with Chinese outfits, at least some of which unambiguously were affiliates or subsidiaries of the brutal Chinese Communist Party government. He also accepted as a “gift” a 2.8-carat diamond valued at $80,000 from the chairman of the Chinese firm CEFC, which is closely connected to Chinese intelligence. This led to some $6 million flowing from CEFC to accounts under Hunter Biden's control. Likewise, the Biden son earned huge sums from sketchy dealings with Russian entities and with the now-famous Ukrainian-based Burisma energy company, among others. Meanwhile, he was spending tens of thousands of dollars on crack cocaine (a felony) and on high-priced Ukrainian and Russian prostitutes, some of which, according to congressional investigators, appear to have been linked to illegal human trafficking rings.

Those are just some of the lowlights of all the ethically dubious foreign business entanglements of what Politico once headlined as “Biden Inc.” before it became politically inconvenient for liberal media outlets to show the Bidens in a bad light. On multiple occasions, according to congressional Republicans, U.S. banks filed suspicious activity reports to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network with regard to foreign business dealings of Biden family members, including those of Hunter Biden.

Much of this information comes from Hunter Biden’s laptop, which the FBI seized way back in 2019. Even apart from the outrageous foreign business dealings, it does not take three years to determine if felonies have been committed through the use of crack cocaine and through international wire transactions for prostitutes. Republicans in Congress are hardly unreasonable to suspect that elements of federal law enforcement or the Treasury Department are engaged in what amounts to a protection racket for the president’s son.

Of even more pressing concern is what the laptop files and other evidence shows about the president himself. Despite Joe Biden’s repeated insistence that he was unaware of and uninvolved with his son’s business affairs, the record strongly indicates otherwise. Father and son certainly seemed to treat their finances as fungible, with Hunter Biden frequently paying his father's household expenses and Joe Biden at once point committing to wire his son $100,000 in just a two-month span. Moreover, a onetime partner in the CEFC dealings named Tony Bobulinski has publicly said he had two face-to-face meetings about the CEFC arrangement with Joe Biden himself and that the latter eventually was supposed to get a 10% cut of the deal — a claim that seems to be supported by electronic messages from Hunter Biden that say 10% would be held “for the big guy.”

Again, that’s just a portion of the growing evidence of the interconnectedness of the finances and mutual, business-related assistance of Joe Biden and his son. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has been notably two-faced with regard to policies concerning China, showing backbone at times militarily but acting bizarrely dovish when faced with Chinese financial espionage and other nefarious attempts at a technological advantage.

If all these red flags were flying about any Republican president’s family, the liberal Big Media establishment would be having conniption fits. It is long past time for the Justice Department to make a move on Hunter Biden and for the media to devote a lot more ink to Biden Inc.

Source: The Washington Examiner


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