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Justin Trudeau's long trail of Corruption - the SNC Lavalin Scandal defines who Trudeau is

September 2, 2021: In an effort to remind Canadians about the corrupt, unethical, and criminal track record of Justin Trudeau, Extremely Canadian | Extremely American is committed to documenting each of the major scandals that have plagued this corrupt and unethical political leader. In spite of a long tradition of breaking ethical and political laws, Trudeau has managed to cheat and manipulate his way around law and moral order. Of course, his close nefarious ties with the CCP and Davos global elites has a lot to do with the massive financing and "strategic assistance" he has received from non-Canadian interests.

This is Canada's opportunity to: (1) remove a deeply corrupt political leader, (2) elect an alternative leader who will be committed to providing economic performance and a moral example, and (3) apply accountability to a corrupt politician that has not been afforded by the Canadian "system".

Whether it is based on the grounds of ethics and morality or on the grounds of national economic performance, Trudeau must be soundly voted out of office in order for Canada to course-correct in every dimension of economic development, national sovereignty (including independence from the CCP), preservation of Canadian culture and tradition, and protecting the interests of ALL Canadians not just those who fit into his "woke" ideology.

To reiterate, in the coming weeks we will be providing our Canadian followers with a full set of videos and editorials to remind Canadian voters about the mountain of corruption that defines everything we know about Trudeau. Canada is at a crossroads and must remove Trudeau on September 20 if they are to have any hope for economic prosperity, national sovereignty, and preservation of civil rights in the coming years/decades.


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