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Kamela Harris: A reminder of the “Spiraling Vulture’s” dubious past & illicit affairs

Mar 26, 2021: While America and the rest of the free world collectively cringe during every empty public appearance by Joe Biden, the “vulture” Kamela Harris continues to circle the cognitively hobbled and vulnerable man masquerading around the White House as a so-called president. A few things were made clearer than ever after Biden’s first scripted press conference on March 25. This man is (1) incapable of offering presidential insights and direction into anything involving American interests and (2) incapable of instilling any sense of confidence in American national security, sovereignty, economic strength, and global leadership. To make matters even worse, Biden is restricted to fumbling through someone else’s speaker notes and key messages – unfortunately for all of us, he cannot even get through his canned notes without confusing his audience. Media continues to compound the Biden dilemma by incessantly advancing their self-serving agendas and lobbing softball questions that take the form of answers more so than taking the form of a questions. The problem we all have with Biden is that we are trying to make sense out comments coming from an innately stupid person who happens to also be struggling with rapid cognitive decline. Combined with Biden’s natural character flaws of excessive ego and arrogance, we have a train wreck in Joe Biden (in epic proportions!) for the whole world to see and for America to endure with great pain and embarrassment.

And this is where we move on to the next DNC moron who is literally months away from taking the reigns in the White House. In Kamela Harris, we have a badly flawed personality who is notorious for empty comments every time she opens her mouth. Harris is likely the only person walking the planet who could actually challenge Hillary Clinton for the “most unlikeable”, “most annoying”, and “most immoral” personality in politics. Her past is coloured with deep corruption, cronyism, and vile career-advancing methods. EA is pleased to re-issue an exclusive article from January 25 to ensure everyone is fully aware of the diabolical nature of this fraud named Kamela Harris and the danger she presents to our great nation.

Biden will continue to drift away and become known for his MASA (Making America Sleep Again) platform while Harris slithers into office by way of a deep state manipulation that has been in the works for years. Be aware and be vigilant in understanding every statement and every action coming from Harris as she is certain to follow the nefarious orders of a shadow presidency calibrated to further advance the “managed decline” of America.

* * * *

As the nation endures seemingly endless lockdowns and misguided efforts to “hide’ from the microbial CCP virus (using cheap disposable cloth masks), there are ominous clouds of corruption forming around the illegitimate and unholy Biden-Harris “partnership”. Especially intriguing is the foolish sycophantic fawning and over-hyping of Kamala Harris, a career politician notorious for dark political corruption, rampant prosecutorial abuses, and immoral opportunism.

Unfortunately, the long and pathological history of Harris’ dirty prosecutorial and political career is far too difficult to cover in detail in this short article. However, it is possible to provide a high-level review of milestones and “signals” that should trouble even the most loyal of shameless Harris sycophants. As is often the case with most dirty career politicians and DC swamp rats, the “fog” around Harris’ dubious past is complex and difficult to simplify. Even exceptional authors like Peter Sweitzer had to invest many pages of many chapters to present an understanding of the diabolical political path traced by Harris (Sweitzer’s best selling publication Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite is highly recommended for those concerned about the ingrained and pervasive patterns of systemic corruption and abuse of power within the DC establishment).

As a platform to defend her career long pattern of corrupt and immoral transgressions, Harris is renowned (by anyone even remotely familiar with her judicial and political career) as an obnoxious bully who pathologically exploits race relation tension, racially “malleable” self-identification, and unabashed use of the gender card to defend her self-serving agenda and interests. Perhaps the best way to start to gain an understanding of Harris’ toxic past is to categorize her dubious history within the following categories (specific examples of violations are cited for your reference):

Pattern of Political Corruption

- 1994 role in the cover-up regarding the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP)

- 2003 charged by the San Francisco Ethics Committee for egregiously cheating the city’s finance laws

- 2007 guilty of direct involvement in the Moonlight Fire Lawsuit Scandal (Orange County, California)

- 2010 involvement in the massive $200 million Herbalife lawsuit scandal (causing enormously negative impacts on the Hispanic community)

Prosecutorial Abuse, Wrongful Convictions & Cover-ups

- 2007 abuse of authority as California AG to unlawfully extend jail sentences of thousands of prisoners to deploy these same prisoners as cheap labour during the Moonlight Fires

- 2015 direct role as California AG in wrongfully sentencing an innocent man (George Gage) to 70 years in prison (a decision “motivated” for nefarious reasons)

- 2019 authored and pushed a Californian justice reform act resulting in jail sentences for 2,000 low level marijuana offenses (ethnically targeted)

Immoral Opportunism

- 1990’s - a 29-year-old Harris engages in a filthy affair with a 60-year-old notoriously dirty politician (Willie Brown) to secure 2 commission appointments

- 2014 / 2015 / 2018 “flip-flopped” on her position regarding police body cameras to suit her political needs at the time

- 2020 Harris directly accuses Biden of being a racist and sexual predator during the Democrat Presidential Candidate Debates

In summary, we can look to the words of Monica Showalter of the American Thinker (June 2020) to capture the essence of Kamala Harris: “This is a foul, dirty prosecutor, both in her position as district attorney of San Francisco, and later in her position as attorney general of California”. We should expect the very same patterns of egregious corruption, abuse of power, and extreme immorality in her coming years as an illegitimate vice president (or more). The “nasty spice” that comes with Harris’ tradition of corruption and immorality is a haughty nasal voice that grates on the nerves of everyone and a level of obnoxious arrogance that is annoyingly palpable with every “look-at-me” appearance. Extremely American Exclusive by Colin Wright


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