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Life in the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in New York

Feb 2, 2021: The following description outlines the environment of a prison facility, one that stretches the limits of the imagination of any compassionate human being:

"MCC’s treatment of pretrial detainees is truly abhorrent, unconscionable, cruel and unusual punishment … Special Administrative Measures (SAM’s) inmates are locked in concrete boxes the size of parking spaces with purposefully obstructed views of outside. The cages are filthy and infested with rodents, rodent droppings, cockroaches, and mold. There is no heating or air conditioning in the cages. There is no functioning plumbing. The lights burn brightly 24 hours per day, and the inmates are denied outside recreation, normal commissary, normal visitation, access to books and legal material, medical care, and dental care." (Disenter Substack – Kevin Gosztola - January 28, 2021)

This description defines the life of former CIA engineer Joshua Schulte. The endless and perpetual torture imposed on those held in this facility define a life arguably worse than death (complete with psychological and physical torture and unimaginably inhumane treatment).

Schulte’s crime was being accused of sharing "Vault 7" files with WikiLeaks and being charged with 13 offenses, including multiple counts of Espionage Act violations in 2018. The Vault 7 files exposed the CIA’s hacking arsenal that, in turn, targeted personal phone and computer technology. The CIA’s hacking program coined “Weeping Angel” gave the CIA access to Samsung TV’s and converted them into surveillance devices.

For this accusation, Joshua Schulte has been forced into a horrendous environment while he awaits his day in court, a day in court that remains elusive and distant. Regardless of the charges and the outcome of a pending legal process, it is difficult to think of a fellow American being treated in this way on our very own American soil. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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