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Lincoln Project peddles “Integrity Party” concept in spite of its ties to pedophilia

Feb12, 2021: In yet another act of brazen arrogance, members of the Lincoln Project are discussing the idea of forming an independent party and calling it “The Integrity Party”. For those of you who are aware of the twisted character and nature of the Lincoln Party founders and its members, the name “Integrity Party” for this group of immoral miscreants is outrageous. The most recent development involving this ring of pedophiles and morally bankrupt elites has drawn specific focus on Co-Founder John Weaver, not to mention the credibility of Lincoln Project.

In spite of the deep financial pockets and power associated with this group of wealthy old men, the group has been plagued with a history suggesting ties to pedophilia rings and the skin trade. Affirmation of this group’s conspicuous roots and depraved activities took a firm grip in recent days as the Associated Press (AP) broke a string of articles highlighting alarming scandals and “inconsistencies” relating to Lincoln’s cofounders. (MRC Business – February 11) Last week, AP reported that Lincoln co-founder John Weaver (married with 2 children!) has been accused by more than 20 young men and children for “grotesque solicitations including bartering his ‘connections’ for sex”. The AP referred to the Lincoln Project’s efforts to cover up this disgraceful mess as follows:

“Despite the early warning, the [Lincoln] group took no action against Weaver and pressed forward with its high profile work [and anti-Trump smear campaigns]. For the collection of GOP consultants and former officials, being anti-Trump was becoming very good for business. Of the $90 million Lincoln Project has raised, more than $50 million has gone to firms controlled by the group’s leaders” (AP - February 9)

It is worth noting that the Lincoln Project’s relentless efforts to smear President Trump and the group’s deep ties to pedophilia and skin trades made it a natural ally for a corrupt and compromised mainstream media over recent years. Fortunately, a few rare brave journalists have emerged and have finally broken this filthy story. In a recent interview with Fox’s Laura Ingraham, Ryan Girdusky stated, “everything the Lincoln Project claimed Donald Trump was, was exactly what they were doing and what they are”. Girdusky ended his interview with the ominous words “we haven’t even heard the worse of [John Weaver and the Lincoln Project] yet”. For a deeper dive into the disturbing specifics of Lincoln Co-founder John Weaver and the group’s history of grotesque ties into pedophilia and corrupt financial dealings, EA recommends Ryan Girdusky’s recent publication “They’re Not Listening” (2021).

Darragh Roche’s Newsweek article (‘Lincoln Project Loses Shine’) also weighed into the Lincoln Project scandal with additional details. According to Roche, the Lincoln Super-PAC attracted Trump opponents from across the political spectrum [and Hollywood] but noted the public release of recent sexual harassment, pedophile allegations and questions about its spending “irregularities” have permanently tarnished Lincoln’s reputation. The article captured the parting words of former Lincoln Co-founder Jennifer Horn claiming her departure was directly the result of “grotesque and inappropriate behaviour and longstanding deceptions” by John Weaver and other members of the Lincoln Project. (Newsweek – Darragh Roche – February 12)

As the proverbial “Jeanie comes out of this bottle”, a few points must be stressed. First, the Lincoln Project has always been associated with pedophilia, the skin trade and immoral wealthy businessmen. Secondly, mainstream media and Hollywood have actively protected and financially supported this disgusting group of miscreants. Third, the specific names of Lincoln’s founders must be noted and pressure must be exerted to expose and charge these criminals for their role in perpetuating the pedophile underworld. Take special note of the following Lincoln Project names and keep close track of where their diabolical paths lead: John Weaver, George Conway, Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, Ron Steslow and Mike Madrid. Each of these loathsome individuals should be held accountable for their complicit ties into the criminal acts of the Lincoln Project and should not be accepted as a legitimate third-party alternative. By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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