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March 20, 2021 - Headlines

By The Epoch Times - Federal prosecutors in North Carolina said Friday that 24 additional people have been charged in an ongoing probe into voter fraud, including two who are accused of illegally voting in the 2016 presidential election. Gabriela Guzman-Miguel, 26, and Jose Abraham Navarro, 42, both of Mexico, are accused to have voted despite lacking the legal status to do so, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina said in a list of defendants obtained by The Epoch Times. The list described both as aliens or immigrants. A slew of other defendants were charged with falsely claiming U.S. citizenship in order to register to vote. Some also engaged in naturalization fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents relating to voter registration, officials said. Defendants hailed from 15 countries, including Honduras, Iraq, and Canada. The charges date back to the fall of 2019, though the cases were just unsealed.

Those charged face jail time and fines of up to $350,000 if convicted.

Most Americans say they’re being taxed too much and oppose any new taxes, according to two new polls, which come as the Biden administration mulls funding options to pay for big-ticket programs. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently said President Joe Biden is looking at raising taxes on wealthy Americans and corporations—and may consider an outright wealth tax—to pay for future programs, as attention turns to funding measures for the next big legislative push—an infrastructure plan. Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.) confirmed in an interview with the Sacramento Bee that Biden is considering raising the excise tax on fuel and possibly a carbon tax to help pay for the infrastructure plan, which so far has no official price tag, but which analysts have projected at between $2 trillion and $4 trillion. Biden himself confirmed in a recent interview that he is looking to raise taxes. By the Epoch Times

Fox News host Steve Hilton said Friday that President Joe Biden’s gaffes and stumbles prove, “He’s not in charge.”

“The capacity of our commander-in-chief is a vital public issue. It’s not just this gaffe, there’s one of these almost every day where he seems to forget where he is or what he’s doing, he stumbles and mumbles,” Hilton said on Fox News’ “The Faulkner Focus.” We’ve known for months that Joe Biden was not all there. Yet the Democrats put this senile old man up as their candidate. It didn’t matter. They could have put up a stuffed teddy bear, they were going to steal the election regardless.

Police officers have a duty to protect all citizens, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other identity. Governments have an interest in preventing violent criminals and members of the Ku Klux Klan from joining police forces. Yet a new bill supposedly aimed at preventing gang members from joining law enforcement could prevent conservative Christians from taking the blue or result in their firing. California Assembly Bill 655 would require police departments to investigate whether not potential cops had “engaged in membership in a hate group, participation in hate group activities, or public expressions of hate.” It would make such activities “grounds for termination.” When Americans think of a “hate group,” many minds would conjure up a domestic terrorist group motivated by racial animus like the Ku Klux Klan. Yet some transgender activists and organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) use the term “hate group” as an epithet to demonize their political and ideological opposition. The SPLC has become notorious for branding mainstream conservative and Christian groups as “hate groups” because they advocate against same-sex marriage or transgender activism. Assembly Member Ash Kalra, the author of A.B. 655, told PJ Media that he does not intend his bill to “curtail freedom of religious views or political affiliations — conservative or otherwise.” He acknowledged that the bill’s “definitions are a work in progress.” If so, he should seriously reconsider the definition of “hate group. A.B. 655 defines a “hate group” as “an organization that, based upon its official statements or principles, the statements of its leaders, or its activities, supports, advocates for, or practices the denial of constitutional rights of, the genocide of, or violence towards, any group of persons based upon race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.” ”PJ Media

Chinese state media on Thursday rushed to blame “the rising anti-Asian [crime] wave in the U.S.” on the “toxic political influence” of former President Donald Trump, who had the temerity to point out that the Wuhan coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China. “U.S. media that have ramped up their propaganda machine to disparage China in recent years, and pinpoint China as the origin of the COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] pandemic that has ravaged the world should also shoulder fair share of responsibility for instigating hatred towards Asian groups,” China’s state-run Global Times hissed.


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