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Mark Levin: "Trump Lawyers Need to File Immediate Motion to Dismiss .. Jack Smith Must Go to Prison"

Legal Expert and Author Mark Levin: Trump Lawyers Need to File Immediate Motion to Dismiss Entire Case – Jack Smith Must Go to Prison for This

June 27, 2023: On Monday afternoon Special Counsel Jack Smith illegally leaked more information from his ongoing investigation of President Donald Trump to the far-left media.

Smith leaked highly edited audio to CNN of President Trump discussing classified documents of General Milley’s wackadoodle plan to use tens of thousands of US soldiers to invade Iran. Author, attorney, and TV and radio host weighed in on the latest DOJ leak to the Trump-hating media. Mark Levin called for Trump’s attorneys to immediate file a motion to toss the case due to prosecutorial leaks and misconduct.

Mark Levin: There must have been several scores of leaks against Trump involving testimony, documents, audio, etc., and they’re all obviously coming from the government. Trump’s lawyers need to file an immediate motion, with the long list of leaks as an exhibit, asking that the entire case be dismissed because of prosecutorial misconduct and the government’s effort to influence the jury pool. Moreover, I would insist that the court determine whether DOJ has opened investigations into these felonies. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW!

Mark Levin: “Jack Smith must go to prison for this.”


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