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Martin Armstrong: The Economic Confidence Model & Understanding the Global Economy

May 6, 2022: An Introduction to the Economic Confidence Model (ECM) is critical to understanding today's turmoil, how we got here, and where we are likely to go in the coming years. Consider the sage wisdom of Martin Armstrong and his ability to model the world around us. The model, supported with Armstrong's insights, also offers and absolutely crucial framework applicable to anyone interested in managing their investments and wealth with a strategically sound foundation.

"The key to comprehending the Global Economy lies in the realization that we are not alone. Everything is connected in an intricate dynamic nonlinear network where the slightest change in one region can set in motion a ripple effect of dramatic proportions around the world. Understanding this dynamic nonlinear global network is the first step in restructuring government and our idea of managing our political-social-economy.

The primary mistake many make with the Economic Confidence Model (ECM) is assuming it should be a perfect model for the stock market, gold, or some other market. It is a global model and does not track any individual market. It is tracking the phenomenon of international capital flows. There is a shift back and forth between PUBLIC and PRIVATE investment trends. For example, the wave that peaked in 1929 was a PRIVATE wave where people had great confidence in the private sector. When the crash came, we turned toward the government creating a more conservative wave of PUBLIC investment where bonds do better than stocks." (Martin Armstrong May - 2022)

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