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Mask Zombies: A Perfect Political Cartoon

May 10, 2021: Sometimes you come across a political cartoon that says so much in a simple image. This is one such example.

We have all been there and all seen it. It is the moron driving a car alone while wearing a face mask. It is the idiot walking into a restaurant wearing a mask while surrounded by dozens of mask-free dining patrons. It is the dummy walking the dog by themselves in an open park wearing a mask. The descriptors used here are somewhat harsh but totally warranted and strong words that all 'mask zombies' need to hear. It is unclear if these 'mask zombies' are aware of how ridiculous they look to rational and informed members of society, but this is not the important point. The important point comes in the form of the question: "How can such a large portion of society be so ignorant and gullible?"

The answer to our question is very complex. But we can start with the innocent question from our cartoon: "Are mask-wearers afraid to die"? The response, "No, they're afraid to live", couldn't capture the conclusion of this phenomena any better with any other words.

The complexity of the rampant mask paranoia within society seems to be tied to many contributing factors. We see a society drifting away from God and all forms of faith. We see a society victimized by fake and manipulative mainstream media. We see a society entranced by toxic and addictive social media and communication apps. We see a society led by the most deviant elements within our cultural channels (radical ideologists in entertainment, professional sports, and academia). We see a society that is lazy in its research and knowledge about the contaminated arenas of politics and public health. We see society being fooled by the utopian promises of "easy prosperity" and "money-tree" economics. These and many other gaping holes in knowledge and awareness make the common mask-fanatic an easy mark for the Marxist and racist propaganda and fear-mongering sweeping our nation and the rest of the world.

So the mask obsession observed by informed and grounded members of society is more of a 'symbol' than a 'thing'. The collection of factors mused, above, represent the mix of ingredients that have combined to 'dumb-down' society's apathetic masses. This mix of ingredients has resulted in a society that is under-informed, overly-gullible, and hyper-fearful. Additionally, the combination of corrosive cultural components has encouraged society to move away from faith in God and moral/ethical convictions. And this is precisely where the political cartoon lands. The quintessential mask-zombie is devoid of knowledge, common sense, critical reasoning, and God. And this is why, in the face of a challenge or crisis, they would rather curl up in a ball and try to hide from a microscopic microbial virus behind a 50-cent disposable (likely re-used) cloth mask. Most unfortunately, these mask fanatics have nowhere to run and hide because they are devoid of God and faith in their lives - this is why they live in perpetual fear and why the have become critically dependent on the state and its rigged cultural apparatus.

In the days ahead, use your observational wit and skills to see just how accurate this political cartoon is and how closely this editorial fits to the world we see around us. The EA team welcomes all feedback and responses to this brief editorial.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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