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Matt Brevner: 'More of Us' (official video)

January 10, 2022: It is shocking how such a large portion of the Canadian population who have studied the issue of Covid (the science, the medicine, public health best practices, early treatment, the data, and the law) continue to be victimized by corrupt politicians and so-called public health "experts". In Canada, arrogant globalist mini-tyrants and national traitors like Justin Trudeau, Doug Ford, Francois Legault, and Dr. Theresa Tam have all conspired to glibly break Canadian law as they brazenly scoff at the Canadian Charter of Rights.

At this point, it is crystal clear that Canadian political leaders are serving the interests of Klaus Schwab and the WEF / DAVOS rather than the rights and interests of Canadian citizens. It is also clear that ignominious politicians like Trudeau believe they stand well above the law in Canada and its citizenry.

Although the road for the "informed" side of the Canadian population remains challenging and blocked by the efforts of dirty politicians and compromised health experts, there are encouraging signals from popular culture.

Two weeks ago, podcast pop culture icon Joe Rogan stepped up and interviewed several of the world's leading epidemiologists and virologists (notably Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough). Last week, Joe Rogan became a member of GETTR ( setting the stage for a legitimate new alternative to disgraceful social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Whether it is the efforts of Rogan in America or Djokovic's battle with shameful Australian "authorities", international icons of pop culture and professional sports are emerging slowly but surely.

Canada's Matt Brevner is doing his part to offer a voice for Canadians who are suffering from the vile discrimination and subjugation of Trudeau and other political thugs and traitors running (and ruining) that country. Brevner's song "More of Us" captures the pain and anger felt by so many people at the hands of unlawful political tyrants and discriminatory traitors. Brevner's song also signals a fire in the bellies of patriots in Canada - embrace that fire and fight back firmly against criminal politicians like Trudeau and his treasonous sycophants!

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