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Maxime Bernier: "The Canadian election is referendum on vaccine mandates & passports"

September 17, 2021: It is clear that the "purest" Canadian option for a political leader and party poised against public health fascism and the theft of basic Canadian human rights is Maxime Bernier and his People's Party of Canada, respectively. Just as many informed Canadians have been targeted and victimized by vaccine rogues and bullies of all stripes (vaccine fanatics, politicians, public health "czars", and media propagandists) so, too, has Bernier and advocates of his People's Party.

As you listen to this audio interview, it will become clear that Bernier represents an authentic interest in and care for Canadian's civil rights and the importance of every facet of a Canadian's right to Informed Consent.

In the end, Trudeau must be removed from office this September 20. Should Trudeau advance with a mandate of a majority, he will undoubtedly (rapidly) advance his globalist mandate which includes the launch of a police state that will resemble the nightmare occurring in Australia. Without a doubt, Maxine Bernier is the "purest" voting option for Canadians interested in preserving their human and civil rights and an ability to promote a far more balanced and scientific approach to public health policy for all Canadians.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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