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Message to all Patriots: It's our Anthem - Always Sing it Proudly!

June 11, 2021: There are occasional special moments in professional sports where we are reminded that patriotism and love of our blessed country is at the core of the sport being played and far more important than anything else. Leading into Game 6 of an NHL 2nd round playoff game between the New York Islanders and the Boston Bruins, Islanders fans treated the nation to an example of what patriotism should look like and feel like. The beautiful patriotic example set by the NY Islander fans was a moment to behold. It was also a lesson to the NBA, NFL, and MLB where planned and disgraceful shows of 'woke' and anti-American behavior seems to be encouraged by professional leagues that appear to be abandoning our great American history and heritage. The Islander-Bruin moment on June 6 was a beautiful spontaneous display of innate American patriotism and a perfect example for fans in all other sports leagues to live up to.

Thanks to the Islander fan base for this special patriotic moment and congratulations to their team for advancing into the third round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

By: Extremely American Colin & Kevin Wright


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