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Morning Consult Poll: 'Biden's Approval Rating Badly Underwater in 44 States and getting worse'

Biden's Approval Rating Underwater in 44 States

Biden's dismal polling numbers spells trouble for his party heading into November’s midterm elections.

By: Elliott Davis Jr. | July 19, 2022: Joe Biden’s net approval rating is now underwater in all but six states, according to new polling from Morning Consult – spelling trouble for Democrats with mere months left until the midterm elections. The 44 states with voters more likely to disapprove than approve of the "president’s" job performance is up from 40 states in the first quarter of 2022. Morning Consult notes, however, that there was no significant change in Biden’s net approval rating in 23 states between the first and second quarters, with declines elsewhere being generally modest.

Biden’s numbers are particularly troubling in some key midterm battleground states, including Arizona (-20 net approval rating), Georgia (-13), Pennsylvania (-19), Ohio (-23) and Wisconsin (-18). Excluding Ohio, the president won all of those states in the 2020 election, charting his path to the White House. The grim numbers don’t end there. Biden has generally weaker ratings than former President Donald Trump did around this time in 2018, with 43% of voters strongly disapproving of the president now compared to only 41% for Trump back then. The president’s approval rating from independents (44% strongly disapprove) is also worse than it was for Trump (38% strongly disapproved) four years ago.

But while Biden’s popularity is floundering, other polling suggests that he’s not actually dragging down his party. Democrats in general have seen their numbers tick up recently, and another Morning Consult poll from earlier this month found that 46% of respondents plan to vote for a Democrat this fall, compared to 42% who would support a Republican candidate.

Government approval ratings are also down largely across the board, as Americans contend with one crisis after another. A July YouGov poll had the legislative branch's approval rating at a dismal 15%, and a New York Times survey from earlier this month notes that 58% of all voters say their system of government does not work and needs major reforms or a complete overhaul.

Source: U.S. News


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