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MSNBC Clown & Hypocrite Joy Reid condemns Nicki Minaj's right of Informed Consent

September 16, 2021: MSNBC moron, hypocrite, and pro-communist Joy Reid is capable of making herself look like the most ignorant person in media on a daily basis. This example is even grander than most acts of stupidity coming from this so-called media anchor.

Dave Rubin offers colorful commentary and evidence that Joy Reid is about consistent and reliable as Anthony Fauci when it comes to the science of public health. In the meantime, "pro-informed-consenters" have discovered an unexpected champion of Covid vaccine awareness and the right to decide on one's own personal health matters. Nicki Minaj is an example of personal strength that her millions of followers should admire and appreciate.

Let's all consider Joy Reid's "anti-vaccine" position less than one year ago (see Reid's anti-vax tweet) and her obnoxious nerve in lecturing Nicki Minaj or anyone else who has elected to reject an experimental vaccine based on their own right to Informed Consent.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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