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MSNBC's Joy Reid declares voters were oblivious to Inflation until Republicans raised concerns

Joy Reid Says Voters Didn't Know about Inflation until Republican Politicians "Taught Them" the Word

By: Tyler Durden (ZeroHedge)

November 6, 2022: MSNBC's Joy Reid has been a veritable gold mine of bad takes, ignorant comments and authoritarian arguments over the past few years.

This includes her consistent demand that people without covid vaccines be denied medical care, that they be punished with fines, as well as her baseless assertions that hurricanes are a product of "global warming."

Her latest comments might be her most bizarre yet, with a mind-boggling claim that American voters were essentially oblivious to the issue of inflation until conservative political candidates started talking about it.

This narrative appears to be an extension of a common gas-lighting strategy among Democrats; a way to dismiss the problems Americans most care about in 2022 as overblown. Reid's suggestion insinuates that the public was comfortably unaware of the inflationary/stagflationary crisis and could have stayed that way had it not been for those meddling Republicans and their refusal to use the "common tongue" on the campaign trail. In other words, she thinks the average voter is stupid.

Reid argues that the only people that use the word "inflation" are "journalists and economists" and that it is not a part of the normal lexicon of discussion. One might point out to Reid, since she seems incapable of grasping simple logic, that Americans have not faced a true inflationary threat since the 1970's, over 40 years ago. So, it's not surprising that inflation was not a term used around every dinner table in the country until today as the threat returns with a vengeance.

It should be noted that Joy Reid has covered the inflation crisis on her own show on a number of occasions, which means she also may have contributed to the wider usage of the terminology, not just conservatives. Here's Reid hitting the inflation issue over 8 months ago:

The leftist pundit's take on the situation is definitely uneducated, as she tries to blame companies as the culprits behind inflation as if they are raising prices artificially. She ignores the fact that prices also spiked in commodities and raw materials, energy, labor and shipping, which means goods cost much more for producers to manufacture. It is bottom line inflation that causes the prime bulk of price increases on store shelves, not businesses trying to squeeze extra profits out of consumers.

Beyond that, Reid seems to think it's perfectly acceptable for leftists to put their own spin on the inflation problem as a way to push their political agenda forward, but it's not okay for conservatives to ring the warning bell because now Democrats are tied inexorably to our country's economic decline. It's the legendary MSNBC double standard all over again.

The fact that a majority of Americans are aware of inflation dangers and are talking about them is a good thing. It shows that the public is paying attention and they are seeking solutions. Reid's position is an elitist one, asserting that the general public should remain in the dark, and that such issues should only be entertained among small circles of "professionals" who will let the rest of us know what we should think and when we should think it.

Source: ZeroHedge


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