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Naomi Wolf exposes Pfizer’s illegal, harmful & diabolical COVID vaccine trial on 61 children (Video)

Ben Armstrong: Bombshell report from Naomi Wolf exposed Pfizer’s illegal COVID vaccine trial on 61 kids

By: Kevin Hughes

February 15, 2023 (Updated): The latest bombshell report from the team of Dr. Naomi Wolf has exposed Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) trial illegally conducted on 61 children, according to Ben Armstrong of the New American magazine.

“This comes from the Pfizer document dump that they didn’t want you to see for 75 years. It makes sense why such a huge bombshell would be in there, and it’s just now really been uncovered by the team that works with Wolf,” he said on the Feb. 1 edition of “The Ben Armstrong Show.”

It is really amazing [how] Pfizer illegally experimented on 61 kids harming 71 percent of them, says Dr. Naomi Wolf. That’s what she’s saying. And if everything she says is true, this would be Nazi-style criminal activity by Pfizer recorded in their own documents.” (Related: Matrixxx Groove: COVID vaccine is a bioweapon that is killing kids.)

Wolf’s team from the Daily Clout – alongside volunteers made up of doctors, lawyers and others – stepped up to go through the Pfizer documents ordered to be made public by a court. According to Armstrong, Pfizer wasn’t working on a vaccine to save people from a pandemic.

He then played footage of Wolf discussing Report No. 54, which contains the illegal vaccine experiment on children. According to Wolf’s team, infants and children under 12 were given the Pfizer mRNA COVID vaccine seven months before pediatric approval. Seventy-one percent – 24 children – suffered serious adverse events.

“If that is not shocking enough, these adverse events occurred in only a three-month period starting on Dec. 1, 2020. And at that time, when no pediatric dose of Pfizer product was approved for use at all in that time frame. Nonetheless, they illegally injected 61 children, half of them under four years old, with this injection,” Wolf said.

The serious cases include a seven-year-old child who had a stroke, two children who suffered facial paralysis and an infant whose kidneys were injured by the injections.

Children injected with the shot suffered average of four reactions

Wolf pointed out that of the 34 patients that experienced adverse events, most of these were girls. These 34 patients reported 132 adverse events, averaging 3.88 reactions per child.

Moreover, an additional 28 cases of adverse events were excluded from the record as details such as height and weight were “not consistent with pediatric subjects.”

She also mentioned that there was no safe dose when the children and babies were injected.

After playing the video, Armstrong explained that Pfizer and other Big Pharma companies developing COVID-19 vaccines were guaranteed immunity from lawsuits because the “emergency use” clause absolved them of any responsibility. Vaccine makers had been lying to the public about the effectiveness of the vaccines as they were aware that they could never cure COVID-19, he added.

“When they were developing this vaccine, they knew it was a scam without doing any trials. They didn’t have to do any trials. The vaccine was a scam because they were injecting it into your blood that cannot cure an airborne virus, and Pfizer knows this. Pfizer knows that it’s literally impossible to cure somebody from an airborne virus and prevent them from contracting it by injecting their immune system that’s in their blood.”

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Watch Ben Armstrong expound on Pfizer’s illegal vaccine trial on children on the Feb. 1 edition of “The Ben Armstrong Show” below.


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