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Neurotic Joe Biden: “I Vaccinated [Poisoned] the Nation and Rebuilt [Destroyed] the Economy!”

“I Vaccinated the Nation and Rebuilt the Economy!” – Old Man Joe Biden Starts Shouting Out of Nowhere

By: Christina Laila

September 24, 2023: Joe Biden Saturday evening 'delivered' remarks at the 2023 Phoenix Awards Dinner at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

Biden lied about the state of the economy.

“Kamala and I came into office determined to transform how the economy works — change the way it literally functions!” Biden said.

Joe Biden destroyed the economy. Bidenomics = High mortgage rates, high inflation rates, collapsed banks, expensive groceries, record high rent, and dwindling retirement accounts.

Biden said the American people just don’t know all the progress he has made on the economy.

“But we need to get the word out on promises made and promises kept” because “the people don’t know the progress we’ve made,” Biden said.

Biden began shouting out of nowhere as he boasted that he rebuilt the economy.

“You may have noticed, a lot of people have focused on my age. I get it. I know better than anyone but there’s something else I know… When I came to office and this nation was flat on its back, I knew what to do. I vaccinated the nation and rebuilt the economy,” Biden said.


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