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New Jersey Voter Alert: Jack Ciattarelli is your choice for Governor & for Freedom #ElectCiattarelli

November 2, 2021: If you are a Garden State voter and value personal freedom and a return to all the things that make America great, today is your opportunity to remove Phil Murphy and to elect a true American patriot Jack Ciattarelli. The videos provided are intended to be brief reminders of all the reasons you need to vote for Jack Ciattarelli.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

Direct EA Link to all Videos below


Video Link: NJ Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Ciattarelli on Fox News

Video Link: Leo Terrell & Pam Biondi implore NJ voters to vote for Jack Ciattarelli

Video Link: NJ Town Hall Q&A with Jack Ciattarelli

Project Veritas Video Link: Conman and Pathological Liar Phil Murphy will go to any unethical lengths to win an election

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