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New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) Truth, Justice & Healing Conference, Auckland

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) Truth, Justice & Healing Conference, Auckland.

A reflection after attending an important event in New Zealand's social history and our Freedom movement.

September 24, 2023 (originally published September 18 on author's Substack): So this weekend, we travelled up to Auckland’s famous Eden Park - but it wasn’t for an All Blacks Rugby game. We were attending the ‘Truth, Justice and Healing Conference’ of New Zealand Doctors Speaking out with Science (NZDSOS).

Statue famous rugby player Michael Jones’ try, at Eden Park entrance (image: author’s own)

It was the most amazing, uplifting event from the past three-and-a-half years of, let’s be honest, dystopian hell. Maybe even the most inspiring event of my life - now that we are living through such strange, unsettling, and completely unchartered waters. Who knows what we might think looking back on events like this, so that’s why I’m writing this now, while it’s fresh in my mind. There’s no doubt that we are in the middle of a spiritual war, and a ‘transition’ period of humanity. That’s sounds melodramatic, but it is truth from my perspective, and many others, too. The world seems to be shifting on its axis...

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For instance, this morning, when walking my dog, I stopped to speak to a complete stranger - a tourist, I discovered - from Virginia, USA. Somehow I knew (and then very soon was able to confirm) he was ‘awake’ to this worldwide tyranny. How do we all ‘connect’ like this? How is this happening and why? How do we survive in this challenging and divided social environment?

One way, is regularly meeting-up with others who are standing up for truth, like those in the conference we just attended.

***In this longish reflection, too long for embedding in an email, so please click on the link to read the whole thing and see the images***

I want to briefly summarise each of the seven sessions presented to the audience, and provide some links to further info on these important Truth-Speakers. As I say, this was an historic event, which needs to be documented. But first, I want to reflect on my observations of the audience itself:

Authors have commented before together about the diversity of people who are with us on this journey. We are far from homogenous. We are from all types of social, ethnic and educational backgrounds. In terms of location, some had travelled from the other side of New Zealand, some were literally living down the road. Some guests and speakers were from Australia, and in true ANZAC spirit, were supporting us wherever they could. The gender split was approx. 50/50, and in the majority were us – ‘Generation Xers’. As many have observed, our age group seem to be particularly resilient to the psyops – we grew-up without the Internet, and have witnessed the tremendous changes in BigTech and BigPharma over a relatively short space of time. We also remember being told first-hand stories from the World Wars from our relatives, stories that many younger generations are oblivious to – especially now our history is literally being re-written in front of our eyes, in true Orwellian style.

This event was sold-out in advance, with a crowd of approx. 1000 people, and about the same number who paid to see the day as a live stream. I was personally a little anxious that we might get cancelled just before the event – as so many other similar gatherings have been in the past. (As we travelled North, I heard that Posie Parker had been forced to cancel her return to NZ due to the risk to her safety). But we had no visible interference or problems either before, during or afterwards. No doubt as one of the speakers mentioned, there were spies in the room, but I saw no evidence of anything other than friendships and curiosity and happiness. And also an overwhelming sense of relief for many at finally ‘finding their tribe’ and feeling the confidence to speak out.

I met many people whom I knew and met personally, either from previous Freedom events locally or other gatherings. There were also new friends whom I had read the work of, but not necessarily met in person. Heroes who have broken-away from legacy media to form Reality Check Radio like Peter Williams were there, including Paul Brennan who has interviewed me on his show and who did a great job MC’ing the conference.

Image above: Me with the wonderful Paul Brennan from who was MCing the Conference

First up was Dr Matt Shelton, one of the initial foundation leaders of NZDSOS (now a formal incorporated society). From the website:

“Dr. Shelton advocated for early Covid-19 treatments and the application of the precautionary principle in pregnancy and children. One of the first to be suspended for standing up as a doctor, he provides a counter opinion to the government’s self declared “single source of truth”.”

He retold the story of how the New Zealand Medical Council hounded him, for simply doing his job “First, do no harm” and trying to help his patients navigate the propaganda. He has since been exonerated, but many other members are continuing to overcome the unnecessary harassment from what we now know to be a corrupt arm of a captured Government. One of the most profound elements of Matt’s presentation was the moment he asked the audience to raise their hand if they knew a close friend or family members who was confirmed or suspected as being harmed by the injection. (New Zealand’s population was highly ‘vaccinated’ almost exclusively by Pfizer’s Comirnaty). This photo captures our response:

Image above: Approx 30% of audience reported a victim of jab harm was someone close to them.

Next up was Dr David Nixon from Australia, one of those rare phenomena, a Truth-Speaking academic whom I knew the work of and is in the network of another Truth-Speaking academic, Dr David Hughes based in the UK. Dr David Nixon presented a summary of his disturbing research that is available on his Substack, regarding microscopy of vial contents and blood samples over the past few months. This is a complex and confronting area of investigation and I would urge those interested to read David’s articles and also a summary by my colleague Michael Ginsberg at Actionable Truths & Actions, available here.

Image above: Dr David Nixon presents his findings to the NZDSOS conference.

In essence, we need to realise that the nanoparticles present in these injectable have been used in numerous products for many years. They are present in anaesthesia, food and other items and the results of this can apparently be seen in the blood samples from both jabbed and unjabbed individuals. Now shedding is a legitimate issue from ‘vaccines’ and has been discussed at length in immunology like veterinary medicine. However, David was pointing out that it is likely that the source of these structures and clots being seen in blood and through autopsies, could be outside the expected perimeters of the mRNA injections. Sobering indeed. A complex topic for another post.

After morning tea, we heard from Dr Guy Hatchard, a fellow Pom and an international advocate for food safety and natural medicine. He also endeavours to untangle the Gov covid era statistics on his excellent website The Hatchard Report. He presented ‘20 reasons Biotech experimentation should be outlawed’. With a lifetime’s expertise in the Biotech industry, Guy acknowledged the legitimate concerns that Dr Nixon had previously outlined and articulated all the ‘common sense’ reasons why we are in unchartered waters with the widespread use of these gene technologies. Basically we have witnessed the short- and medium term harms from these injections, but have no idea of the longer-term impact that these mRNA injections have on the body, or our wider environment.

Image above: Slide from Jodie Bruning’s presentation about media bias

Next to speak to the audience was fellow sociologist Jodie Bruning whom I know from my environmental work for the People’s Inquiry. Jodie has written extensively in the past about the regulatory capture of the NZ Government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, media bias and the lack of adherence to the laws of NZ by our own Government. In this conference she artfully used these insights to present knowledge obtained from Official Information Act (OIA) responses and other sources about how the covid era shared some of the same hallmarks of corruption. In particular how the Public Interest Journalism Fund, provided to NZ media ensured the censorship of any dissenting views and the proliferation of the unethical, anti-science BigPharma propaganda. RCR was given a round of applause for the crucial independent voice they have now provided as a result of this Big Brother dystopia.

Image above: Met this happy Freedom-Fighter who let me take a photo of his ‘safe and effective’ T shirt!

Lunchtime arrived too soon. We enjoyed some warm sunshine with warm smiles from our fellow Freedom-lovers outside the stadium - with some delicious healthy food supplied by the friendly caterers. The exhibitor’s hall was so packed with people we could hardly move! People were queued-up to speak to the stand holders, sponsors and speakers. It was a fabulously uplifting and satisfying atmosphere.

After lunch we were scheduled to hear from Dr Reiner Fuellmich via video-link with an update on the international legal cases. However he failed to be able to present, apparently due to a power outage in the area where he was located, in Mexico. I was a bit surprised that his plan to appear live, did not include a safety-net of a pre-recorded a session (especially when it would have been approx. 9pm local time). There are ongoing concerns about Reiner, which I won’t go into detail about here, but suffice to say that he claimed recently that New Zealand law somehow provides a potentially successful way to address the ways Natural Law has been crushed, globally, over the covid era. Having studied NZ law informally and formally over the last ten years I can confidently say Māori Courts here do NOT provide any kind of solution. In fact, there are indications these are even more captured than the ‘modern’ judicial systems we have in place.

Image above: Outside the Eden Park entrance

Remember NZ is a relatively new society, we have no formally written Constitution and very limited caselaw that has been squeezed from only a few judgments from those who can afford (in time and money) to jump through all the bureaucracy and legal hoops. Our lawyers are generally poorly-educated and have limited work experience with sometimes multiple conflicts of interest. Cost of living is high here, and salaries are low - inevitably personal debt is high and rising. We have no litigation available and no formal Group Action facility through our courts. In short, we are poor and paralysed compared to judicial giants like the US. Furthermore, there is a suggestion that Reiner is obtaining ‘advice’ from a guy called Tio Faulkner who is (as far as I know) unknown to the New Zealand Freedom communities and has a somewhat checkered history to say the least (which has seen him imprisoned). I am bemused by Reiner’s apparent obsession with claiming New Zealand holds the key to covid fraud accountability. For all the reasons I listed above, and lots more besides, sadly, Reiner, we definitely are NOT!

Image above: Parked outside the Eden Park entrance

Anyway, as a result of Reiner’s absence, we heard instead from Dr Chris Neil, President of AMPs (Australian Medical Professionals Society) which is a parallel community for healthcare professionals needing professional union support and indemnity insurance. As a highly-qualified cardiologist, he has been investigating the pharmacovigilance systems ‘over the ditch’. His insights echo across the globe, where signals from ‘background noise’ that would ordinarily be ringing loud alarm bells throughout the ‘regulatory’ – now ‘enabling’ – bodies, are continuing to be ignored. Excess serious adverse reactions and excess all-cause mortality are phrases we are all now familiar with, along with cardio-related pathologies like pericarditis and tests like D-dimers (that I personally had never heard of, prior to this catastrophe).

Image above: Truth-seeker truck driver - travelling through Auckland…

Before what was the ‘highlight’ of the conference for many people (Dr Aseem Malhotra), we heard the heartbreaking stories from two young people, both jab-injured. One young lady described how she didn’t want to get the injection, but was forced to because of her job in hospitality. She suffered heart damage and immunological problems and even with treatment still struggles with everyday tasks. The second speaker, Isaac, is only 18 years old and went against his mum’s wishes (a mandated-out nurse) to get the jab because he was forced to get the ‘vaccine passport’ to be allowed to play rugby. He suffered incredible pain with a severe skin reaction that caused blistering and pain all over his body. He was incapacitated and was unable to work, go to the gym or play the sport he loved. Fortunately, he got help from his mum, who was by then working for the new NZDSOS health helpline, and after treatment and advice with ivermectin and supplements, is well on the way to recovery.

It was both heartbreaking and inspiring to watch these two brave young people emotionally re-tell their experiences of believing the propaganda and being let-down by the system that is supposed to protect them from harm. Both young people described how the NZ Accident Compensation Scheme (ACC) (an outdated no-blame state insurance system) had denied them financial compensation or support for their legitimate injuries, so the economic impact exacerbated their desperate situation. It is not hard to imagine the terrible but inevitable consequences for the many thousands of young Kiwis like these two, who did not have the support mechanisms around them which helped see them through.

Image above: Dr Aseem Malhotra, speaking at the NZDSOS Conference, 16 Sept 2023

Before the final Q&A session, was the highly anticipated in-person presentation by Dr Aseem Malhotra, world-famous cardiologist, on his first day of his first time in New Zealand - of his continuing World Tour. After Paul introduced him (reminding us that he had interviewed him twice on his show already!) we were played a short ‘PR’ clip highlighting Aseem’s fame on the Joe Rogan show and MSM interviews. This was like watching a professional motivational speaker about how to be a millionaire. It sort-of works – he needs his audience to believe in him, and to show the world that we are confident to also speak truth to power. As he stepped on stage with enthusiasm and charisma, he immediately captured our attention. He spoke for over an hour without any notes. Clearly, he’s benefitted from successful professional training in how to engage with a large audience – he makes eye contact with individuals, he walks confidently to and fro across the stage, owning the space. He uses hand gestures and humour that add authenticity to his words. He explains in-depth concepts to a diverse public with relevant examples. In short, he is stunningly effective in his message. And so he should be, after all, he is now very well-practiced at this type of address. He also plugged his new doco ‘First do no Pharm’ which is still short of being fully funded (surprisingly).

He had a few slides, but nothing we hadn’t already seen (well, some of us). The content itself was very familiar if (like us) you have been following Aseem for a while now. The explanation of the psychopathic entity that is BigPharma and how our authorities are funded by the corporate interests it is supposed to regulate. We were surprised initially to see someone so ‘awake’ to BigPharma’s fraud, promoting the jab on UK MSM. But like many people, it took the tragedy of a personal loss (that he has told repeatedly) to bring home the full extent of the lies. The only ‘new’ take home from Aseem’s talk for me, was the ‘double down’ topic. He explains how the strategies from the Corporate Playbook – aptly dissected by experts like Emeritus Prof Brian Martin – ensure that when censorship starts to dissolve and truth bombs leak-out into mainstream (as Neil Oliver did this weekend with the UK Midazolam policy), the powerful forces simply twist the knife harder, in attempts to overcome any dissent. So, Aseem explained how he was confused when the injections, initially only for the elderly or vulnerable, were subsequently rolled-out to the younger generation. This happened across the globe too. He knew already from his (at that time, he admits, relatively shallow) research that fit, young people were never going to be harmed from contracting the virus, who had a fatality risk factor of less than the seasonal flu. So his suspicions were raised about possible ulterior motives for unnecessarily expanding the ‘free’ injections to the whole population (UK and across the globe). But he recently spoke to a ‘very senior’ politician, who apparently confirmed that it was the concerns about the adverse events that prompted the change in the political narrative and the massive expansion of the ‘safe and effective’ rhetoric. I suspect that there will be more developments in this side of the story over the next few months.

Image above: Q&A panel hosted by Paul Brennan at the end of the Conference

There was an excellent Q&A session with some of the speakers. Many of the questions raised showed a well-informed audience who were looking for direction with ongoing challenges in setting up parallel communities for services like safe blood banks.

Like many of the speakers, Aseem deservedly got a standing ovation at the end of his speech. Throughout the day, there were many tears and many, many smiles and hugs. It was an emotionally-draining and also morale-boosting experience. We need to promote and encourage more of these formal and social gatherings.

Image above: On the road home…

We couldn’t stay for the later events – there was a showing of the (ironically censored) doco ‘Silenced’ which is definitely worth seeing as the context to the NZDSOS group forming. They are supported by hundreds of doctors but some are still unwilling to be publicly named, for fear of being deregistered. Let’s hope the amazing success of this event will help more to come forward and to speak truth to power. The shift is happening, and change is coming. History will remember those healthcare professionals who did not act ethically, and contributed to the psychological and physical harms caused to so many, over the past three-and-a-half years.

** Reposted on Extremely American with the permission of the author **


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