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NSC Spokesperson Emily Horne is paving the way for US Recognition of the Taliban

Taliban fighters stand guard as passengers board a Qatar Airways aircraft at the airport in Kabul on September 9, 2021.

NSC Spokesperson Emily Horne offered an Afghanistan update dripping with a feckless and subservient tone. Although this is a "standard form of weakness" characteristic of the Biden administration, recent comments from NSC's Horne were particularly weak and pathetic.

“The Taliban have been cooperative in facilitating the departure of American citizens and lawful permanent residents on charter flights from HKIA. They have shown flexibility, and they have been businesslike and professional in our dealings with them in this effort.” Horne continued, “This is a positive first step.”

“We will continue these efforts to facilitate the safe and orderly travel of American citizens, lawful permanent residents, and Afghans who worked for us and wish to leave Afghanistan.” Horne goes on to say, “Because there is an ongoing terrorist threat to operations of this nature, we will not be sharing details of these efforts before people are safely out of the country.”

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