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NYT/Siena Poll Shows Majority of Americans are Far More Concerned about the Economy than Woke Dogma

Latest Polls Show Majority of Americans Far More Concerned About the Economy

By: Tyler Durden

September 20, 2022: According to recent polling by the New York Times/Siena College, 49% of Americans are more concerned about economic issues including jobs, taxes and inflation, while only 31% view social issues like abortion, guns and "democracy" as most important.

These numbers seem to contradict previous claims within progressive circles that conservatives would be facing defeat in midterm elections in November over their support of state abortion laws and accusations of "insurrection."

Democrats have been anxious to find any positive election leverage in the run up to midterms, with several attempts to drum up BLM-like civil unrest after the Supreme Court's decision on abortion law allowed red states to end the previously protected practice. The public reaction was decidedly minimal, with very few protests of any note, suggesting that most Americans are not all that concerned about abortion being banned.

"What people do care about, however, is not being able to feed themselves and their families. And this is a political arena which Democrats have consistently failed."

Progressives were already facing an uphill battle with voters after two years of constant covid fear-mongering, business killing lockdowns in blue states and attempts at erasing civil liberties in the name of "public safety." Now, with stagflationary pressures continuing to damage American pocketbooks and supply chain disruptions, there is a serious threat of economic turmoil going into next year.

The prospect of a red sweep has the political left fearful that they may be losing power and facing consequences for elevating their ideological obsessions over the security of the US financial system. The downside is that that economic instability is now likely irreversible; conservative candidates will be inheriting a built-in crisis and leftists will undoubtedly try to blame them for it.

The primary benefit of a red sweep is that this will leave leftists less able to exploit economic dangers to their advantage by passing constitution infringing laws while the masses are distracted. Not the best of scenarios, but better than the alternative.

Source: ZeroHedge


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