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Canada has its own RINO: Behind the veil of Ontario’s Doug Ford Government

Feb 3, 2021: It was spring of 2018 when Doug Ford was elected as Premier of Ontario. Doug Ford portrayed himself as a staunch conservative bearing the slogan “For the People”. Predictably, this “staunch conservative” was widely criticized by the mainstream media and liberals alike. Ford was often thought of and compared to US President Trump and, indeed, this ‘Canadian Trump’ was by working class Canadian Conservatives. Ford aggressively pursued campaign support from the religious community, factory workers and small business owners. He promised a return to a more conservative approach to life, family and education; a stark contrast to the current Liberal Government in power that had been plagued with scandal from “back room deals” to a sex-ed curriculum for nine year old children that was explicit enough to make a grown man blush. The curriculum creator was none other than Ben Levin, a disgraced educator who was charged and imprisoned for pedophilia. The people of Ontario were ready for a change and that change came with Doug Ford’s victorious election, winning a surprising majority government.

Doug Ford’s first months in office were strong. Conservatives were mobilized and inspired, from the Home-Schooling mom to the Business Executive; the people of Ontario felt like a trusted humble family member was representing them and, most importantly, truly cared for common Ontarians.

Unfortunately, it did not take long for Doug Ford to quickly abandon his campaign promises. Promises were “softened” to suggestions, suggestions “softened” to opinion polls, and opinion polls “softened” to no change at all. A man who openly portrayed himself as a gladiator for “Truth and Freedom” metamorphosed into a spineless salamander in six short months.

And then came along Covid19 and the China engineered virus. Canadians, like others globally, followed the Government directives to “flatten the curve” and to take strict shelter in place. “We are all in this together” became the slogan of the characteristically obedient Canadian population. Then, as the rest of the world began to “open for business”, Doug Ford doubled down with his restrictions exhibiting an eerie resemblance to American Governors Cuomo (New York) and Newsom (California), two of the most loathsome, arrogant and corrupt governors in recent American history.

Ford’s crippling covid policy restrictions forced the closure of thousands of small businesses, denigrating their owners with the insulting and marginalized label of “Non Essential”. Meanwhile, Ontario’s “For the People” Premier laughed all the way to the bank as exemptions for his small businesses remained intact and thriving under privileged special allowances. Ford’s “Deco Labels and Tags” and plexiglass businesses continues to hum along as his “conveniently” well positioned businesses happened to be perfectly situated to continue their uninterrupted operations. As if it wasn’t brazen enough to simultaneously hold the positions of “Deco Lables and Tags” CEO and Premier of Ontario, Ford continues to destroy tens of thousands of small businesses (and livelihoods!) due to his excessive and unending provincial covid restrictions. Of course, through all of this feckless leadership destructive public policy, Ford continues to enrich himself and his family while his draconian policies destroy small businesses and livelihoods in Ontario for generations to come.

As such, we can all safely conclude that Doug Ford was never “For The People” but rather “For Himself”. By: Extremely American Contributor & Canadian Correspondent Cynthia Crockett


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