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"Pandemic of the Unvaccinated" is a massive lie from Walensky (CDC) & Fauci (NIH)

September 12, 2021: Tony Lin is the perfect example of a grass-roots force multiplier. The unending and conspicuous irregularities and inconsistencies being observed in Covid tracking (and the "expression" of this data) is a direct "toxic" product of the CDC (Rochelle Walensky) and NIH (Anthony Fauci).

This Tony Lin video not only sheds light on the intentional misinformation coming from the CDC and NIH, but that there appears to be a blatant intention to use the misinformation to push the mRNA vaccine agenda by misleading people around the world.

Screen shots from Lin's video analysis are provided below to provide a sample of the data covered in the video.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright with full attribution to Tony Lin (video analysis)

Tony Lin: CDC is the Source of Covid Misinformation - Proven by data analysis from recently released Israel Research and CDC Studies & Alerts

UPDATE: Is Pfizer Vaccine to Blame for Israel’s High COVID Infection Rate?

Top Media official slams disregard for Israeli study showing vaccinated more likely to be infected than those with natural antibodies. Ministry of Health responds.

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