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'PayPal Doesn’t Deserve a Second Chance' by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

PayPal Doesn’t Deserve a Second Chance

By: Jessica Marie Baumgartner

October 12, 2022: The internet went ablaze at the new PayPal “misinformation” penalties. This policy would snatch $2,500 from any PayPal user who was found to “promote misinformation.” Now they’re claiming that this plan was a mistake, but that is a lame excuse and anyone still using their services needs to walk away.

Since the start of the pandemic, politics has reigned over factual information. Truth was labelled “misinformation” in order to control the general public. This was displayed as standard medical treatments and protocols were overlooked in favor of Fauci worship. Suddenly science became about bowing down to elitist rulers imposing unconstitutional mandates, while anyone who questioned the medical response through the scientific method was branded a “science denier.”

Terms like “misinformation” and “disinformation” have been used to discredit viable sources. Doctors who spoke out against dangerous practices ─ like masking children, locking down entire populations of people, and expecting a new vaccine to fix everything without properly testing it ─ were fired. Those who questioned recording deaths from causes other than COVID as COVID-19 deaths were silenced or smeared. Any journalists who spoke out, or dared tell their stories were censored and smeared.

I was one such reporter. I was given sensitive information by a nurse who had hospital documents proving that although the COVID-19 vaccine was never tested on pregnant women, doctors were advised to falsely claim that it was safe for them to take. When I reported on this my article was deemed “misinformation,” despite the fact that I had the documents to prove what was happening.

The number of miscarriages and birth complications in connection to the vaccine is highly alarming, and now I am left wondering how many of those babies could have been saved if Facebook and Twitter hadn’t decided that they owned the medical industry and deemed my article “misinformation.”

After the January 6th circus (which was never an insurrection), most major corporations in the United States would not support any employees or professionals who questioned anything the that the federal government deemed “misinformation.” Conservatives have continuously been targeted for merely asking questions and asking for lawful investigations. The FBI has gone on a raiding crusade, and of course the IRS is continuing its attack on Americans.

Popular personalities have been fired, de-platformed, and even banned from banking. This essentially strips a person of their inherent rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Thankfully enough Americans are fed up that the backlash is growing every day, but we cannot let up now.

Companies like PayPal need to know that if they even consider playing politics with our money and our lives, we will defund them. If their new plan to fine those spreading what they consider “misinformation,” was even drafted, then it’s something they are considering and that purely un-American. Users need to remain steadfast in their boycott of the digital payment company and use alternatives like Align Pay.

By the same turn, banks that attempt to silence opposition need to go under. Local credit unions are a much better alternative and big banking has been a monster in this country for years.

We have the power to determine the future of banking, politics, and society. There are alternatives everywhere. They may not be as well-known ─ no thanks to political ad campaigns and censorship efforts ─ but they are open for business.

As we enter the voting season, plenty of people will scream “Vote!” as if that will magically change the culture war, as if “election irregularities” haven’t been an issue for years. Voting may be an important practice, in theory, but the only true vote we have (and have retained for the entirety of modern American history) is spending power. The almighty dollar is still more influential than speeches and campaigns. Sure, the Biden Administration is crushing its value at record speeds, but that’s because it still has the power to sway leaders, companies, and individuals.

All of the WOKE companies and institutions that would never allow forgiveness to those abused by cancel culture need to receive the same financial and societal shunning they have dished out. No matter how much PayPal walks back their plan to control the free flow of information and influence American spending and culture, no matter how many apologies they may offer ─ if any ─ we can never go back.

Like so many corporatizations and big banking businesses, PayPal has proven that it has no interest in human rights like freedom of speech and medical choice. Everyone who still believes in these values must leave PayPal to rot in the political grave it has dug and move on to brighter prospects. We must continue to vote with our dollar.

Jessica Marie Baumgartner is a homeschooling mother of four (with another on the way), and author of “Homeschooling on a Budget” whose work has been featured by “The Epoch Times,” “The Federalist,” “The New American,” “Evie Magazine,” “The St. Louis Post Dispatch,” and many more.


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