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Pierre Poilievre: "Justin Trudeau has caused a political emergency & is acting in desperation"

February 15, 2022: While Justin Trudeau stubbornly attempts to save face and reverse his plummeting poll numbers, the rest of Canada is enduring a tragic and dark moment in Canadian history. Trudeau declared Canada a dictatorship as he foisted the Emergencies Act under bogus and unnecessary terms. Trudeau is single-handedly attacking Canadian citizens all while coddling the interests and agenda of DAVOS and WEF Globalists. His actions have nothing to do with the interests or safety of Canadians. His actions will, most certainly, worsen and intensify if he is allowed to behave like a dictator without immediate and firm rejection.

Let's be clear. Trudeau is attacking ALL Canadians because he is attacking the very fabric and backbone of what defines Canadian freedom. He is eviscerating the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in plain sight of all Canadians.

If there was ever a time for all Canadians to rise up against this egregious violator and abuser of human rights, that time is now. Let's all hope political adversaries like Pierre Poilievre and Candice Bergen find a way to prevent this pathetic failure of a Prime Minister from destroying Canada permanently.

This battle will require the weight and force of all Canadians if they have any intention to preserve their rights and freedom. This is a "point of no return" for Canada.


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