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Pierre Poilievre: Now this is a compassionate & unifying leader worth rallying around

February 3, 2022: Canadians, all Canadians, must throw their support around rare patriotic leaders like Pierre Poilievre. Watch the Poilievre footage (above) and compare it to the arrogant, vindictive, insecure, and divisive nature of Justin Trudeau (on display in the footage below).

Trudeau is not just a total failure in his role, he is clearly un-Canadian and beholden to an agenda that has nothing to do with Canada.

Poilievre, on the other hand, is an unconditional supporter of human rights and the true well-being of all common men and women in Canada.

Simply stated, Trudeau is terrible for Canada. His obsession with accusations, lying, and fear mongering is a reflection of his severe sociopathic condition.


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